Achievement hunting; And They'll Tell Two Friends. NEED HELP

So as you could probably see from the topic sentence, I need some help. In order for someone to get this Acheivment, they need either a developer to play a game with them, or to have someone with this achievement to play a co-op game. Now I hope you can see my dilemma, if anyone has this achievement and can help a brother out then that would be absolutely amazing. I play on Xbox One, my Gamertag is MYFAVKNIFE01. Please, if you have some spare time in your day, please add me on Xbox One and we can play some Borderlands

Are you on now?

Edit: Sent you a message on XB1 - done for tonight, but will likely be on again over the weekend.

Ya sure. We can do it anyday of the week. I’m usually free. Lets say 12:00 PM PST? Is your Gamertag VaultHunter101?

I just got it on PC…7 years later.

Haha. I got it when it first came out on Xbox 360. Now since its backwards compatible for the Xbox One, I might as well have lots of fun bringing it back.

No, it’s Alkymist96 - check your XBL messages.