Achievement Suggestions

Currently there are no achievements listed on the steam page for this game. There was a thread asking for suggestions in the old forums, but was lost with the new forums. Here are some suggestions for achievements:

“Attack and destroy the bentusi in the fourth mission: The Great Wastelands”

“Salvage each kind of salvageable Kadeshi ship.”

“Destroy the Junkyard Dawg and all the Hyperspace Gates in the mission: The Karos Graveyard.”

“Destroy all the Hyperspace Gates in the mission: Bridge of Sighs”

“Salvage 50 Ion Cannon Frigates in the mission: Bridge of Sighs”

“In multiplayer, create a Battleball”

“In multiplayer, kill 2 enemy motherships with your own by hyperspace kamikazing and survive.”

I posted a small list back on the old forums. Most of them were just small jokes that I thought were funny. Like issuing a move order to the mothership in HW2 would give you “OMGWTFITMOVESNOW?!?”

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I believe this reddit thread is a good place to start. Some are really funny and cool occurrences.

They collected tons of our ideas in the old forums. Some of you may have been there some of you may be new… Many of us old timers actually recommended them tons of fitting ideas and the GBX guys probably took the best of the best ideas. So I’d imagine that we will see dozens of Achievements to come with the release in 3 days.

I wouldn’t shed any tears if there was an utter lack of SP achievements, or maybe just one for each campaign completion. The Homeworld story has a gravitas that I think would be slightly damaged by achievement popups.

Agreed, keep achievements to multiplayer and as far away from SP as possible.

I’d not give a single … well you know, if there wasn’t any achievements at all.

Agreed it could be somewhat disturbing while you’re in the middle of the game and in a story driven mood and then you see an achievement telling you “Yay - you are a pure evil Taiidan killer” unlocked. ^^

I like achievements. I’m actually looking forward to getting 100% in Homeworld. :slight_smile:

You can disable Steam overlay in Homeworld if you don’t want popups.