Achievement woes!


Hi Jeff, I’m tagging you in this because I have a concern about a reoccurring problem that I have never seen addressed before.

As you know there was a small amount of time that we started to see test dummy achievements before the Jack Pack and one started to randomly award itself to people playing on steam.

They then disappeared and released as fully completed holodome achievements and like before: I was running around just going up against mob’s and sure enough smash the system triggered and awarded itself before the holodome was even released.

Now we have unfinished achievements showing up on steam and once again one of them: specifically Achievement_54 is being rewarded to players. I’ve asked around on steam and it seems that the most common story is that they unlocked a different achievement (100 kills with the aspis, story achievements) and that achievement_54 popped up as being rewarded immediately afterwards.

This is becoming a cycle and I was curious to know if it was going to be looked into and addressed or if I should try to avoid unlocking achievements for a while?

Wasn’t it something to do with Duels?

That’s what someone said, somewhere.

Well I know smash the system had nothing to do with duels as I’ve only ever dueled once and it was with the baroness (well after the fact) and still had it unlock while running Regolith Range.

Thankfully my game is at the point where I’m not going to unlock any achievements unless I actively try to, so I should be safe if it is left unfixed again.

Nope, it’s random. I got Smash the System for killing a Tork.