Achievements a little to easy

(xcrimsonlegendx) #1

I haven’t played DN3D in years and I’ve got to say the game holds up really well especially with the upgrades, though after buying it I still managed to blow through the entire game and get all of the achievements in one run. It would have been cool to have some longer-lasting goals in the achievements department since there are no leaderboards or score keeping to give a reason to replay often.

I foresee the multiplayer drying up fast on consoles like the XB360 version of DN3D did so something to waste time on would have been nice.

(Berserker) #2

On the bright side you can now just play the game and not worry about achievements at all.

(xcrimsonlegendx) #3

Very true, I’ve already beat half the game with cheats enabled so I can rock the expander and flame thrower thing in the early levels.

(Watcher on the wall) #4

Hey nice to see you again, Crimson. Hope you’ve been well.

(xcrimsonlegendx) #5

Yeah, its been a while. Kinda dropped off after everyone got tired of the pre-sequel. lol

Once we get some BL3 news you can bet I’ll be buzzing back around~