Achievements and lore after the patch(21st of july) - PC

I haven’t played the game in a while and after the lore challenge changes I decided to come back to finish up my few remaining achievements(mostly toby which I just got luckily after 2 games) and there’s a few things I noticed that certainly are causing me trouble.
First I want to note I’m not some achievement hutner but because I love the game I wanted to show it somehow but doing it to 100% on steam. First thing after I logged in I noticed that my Ghalt(10 first bloods) who was at 9/10 now was finished but I didn’t get the gear, that is until I played one game and then got it(I didn’t actually play as Ghalt fyi). YET similar thing with my ISIC, got the lore but didn’t get the gear(still don’t have it).
Second thing was that the lore percentages are all messed up now and sorting by lore completion doesn’t work anymore. For example, my Whiskey Foxtrot, who I have mastered, gear, taunt, skin and all, now shows 50% only, my rank 10 with full lore Shayne and Aurox is at 50% and so on.
Third I thought would be bigger but I tested it and it’s just a slight annoyance. For the characters that you had almost doen and the patch would finish them for you, you just need to play 1 game with them to get the achievement. It worked for ISIC but I still do not have his legendary gear for some reason ; <
Fourth, and this is due to the change that after not being connected to the game at the end of the match I don’t get the lore challenges, I finished my last Toby lore(the 10 kills with self-destruct) and quit the private story mission and even though I do have the achievement on steam, I didn’t get it in game(nor the gear) but that one is understandable although a bit annoying.
Anyone else got the same problems?

In the latest big update the lore challenge requirements got reduced, so many lore challenges & master titles get rewarded. This caused bugs & problems for many players.

There are many many topics evovling arround these issues, please continue your discussion in one of them.

For help I recommend to file up a support ticket, they might be able to help you.

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