Achievements are.. meh

The steam achievements are kinda dull. Couldn’t there be some that are more related to the gameplay , i.e stealing everything.
How about a bunch of achievements related to hijacking enemy ships, five finger discounts, tea leaf, booster, space tax, grand theft assault frigate


Did you manage to get the hw classic tutorial achievement to complete?

Also yes there is so much potential for achievements. I hope they get time between balancing after all the critical stuff is done to add some funsies stuff!


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They can add some of those ironman challenges as well or even a ‘straight and narrow’: don’t have more than two salvage corvettes at any time or the opposite ‘everything and the nail’ basically never build a single capital ship, only capture them or never build any resource collectors or only build one science ship (for the truly masochistic)

Lots of potential!

A good achievement could be “complete a campaign mission by only capturing enemy vessels”

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“Yoink” - within the first 10 minutes of a multiplayer match, jump your mothership right on top of an enemy carrier, steal it with salvage corvettes/marine frigates, and jump away.

“Like Icebergs, but they Explode” - Kill a battlecruiser with mines

“These are my Resources” - Kill an enemy resource collector with a mobile refinery

“You spin me round” - With the enemy at their fighter/corvette population cap, trap all of their strike craft in a single gravity well

“End Game” - Kill a battlecruiser with a battlecruiser that is then killed by a battlecruiser which you kill with another battlecruiser.

“See that guy and everyone around him…?” - With the destroyer population cap reached, and maxed out with missile destroyers, activate their volley abilities simultaneously on a single target.

“Noble sacrifice” - Ram a battlecruiser/heavy cruiser hardpoint with a scout.

“There can be only None” - ram an enemy scout with a scout

There are so many options, and these are just from thinking off the top of my head.


As hilarious as those are, I don’t think the game keeps track of which ship kills which ship and whatnot. Still, it’d be awesome to get more achievements. But I kinda assumed those were coming anyway.

Indeed some of the achievements people are suggesting is probably outside the realm of possibility. You have to make achievements with flags that are easily tracked or you have issues where achievements, esp difficult ones, don’t complete or are simply just impossible.

Still it’s fun :smile:

What is an achievement? Beyond the obvious definition that is. :wink:

Is this something HW-related, or is it part of SHIFT or Steam?

Made it this many years without being forced to put Steam on my comps until now, so I may be out of the loop.

Achievements are for Steam. Any game on Steam can have achievements. The purpose is to showcase to others what you have completed in a game. In a way, they are for recording progress in games to see if you’ve completed every aspect of the game at least once.

In many cases they are also challenges, like completing a game on a very hard difficulty etc. Some more generic achievements can be to beat 1, 2, 3, 4, etc hard AI in skirmish etc.

They’re admittedly not just featured through Steam, as others have already mentioned - the concept of an ‘achievement’ is used in virtually every game service in existence at this point. At the very least, the networks that consoles use (XBOX Live and PSN) both use achievement-like systems for completionists to obsess over.

If you feel like reading it, there’s an article on Wikipedia on the subject:
Achievement (video gaming)

According to said article, the origins of Achievements are very old in video game terms, mentioning Activision offering physical, iron-on patches in 1982. I’d say my earliest notable exposure was the Star Ocean series and their Battle Trophies for tracking certain milestones in battle, like this many enemies killed or battles won… or very lucky coincidences of damage values (like 7777).

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