Achievements Not Unlocking Since Winter Update

So since the Winter Update went through, Battleborn has stopped unlocking any achievements for me. I completed Ambra’s lore challenges and Magna Gun Loud, and no achievement pops. Anyone else having this problem? Is it a problem with the game or a problem with Microsoft/Xbox?

You might want to check if the achievements do unlock, despite a missing pop-up notification.
I had several Achievements that gave no notification, but actually unlocked.

This - for me, at least - has been a thing in multiple games, not just BB. So I’d say it’s a console thing.
Overall, the Achievement system on XB1 seems not as precise as it was on the 360.

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As @Sm0kerCrew said - it may have ‘softpopped’ which happens to me aswell on multiple games. However I just looked (if you username is the same on XB1) and those achievements still say they are locked :frowning:

I’ve seen people mention hard resetting your console as that sometimes helps them to pop…otherwise I’m not sure if the issues lies on the BB side and/or Xbox side…

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I second hard resetting your console. I had the same problem for a while, and that cleared it up.

Yeah, I did a hard reset last night, no achievement unlock. The last option on the Xbox website is to remove my account from my console then redownload it, so I’ll try that today. I’m not a huge achievement hunter or anything, but I’m still going to be a little upset if my Battleborn achievement progress is permanently dead.

So I’m getting achievements again after the Montana update, but the two I unlocked after the Winter update are still locked. Am I forever doomed 1080 out of 1100 gamer score?

Also maybe a mod could move this to the Xbox Support section?

No prob, not Bob.

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Montana and the Demon Bear challenge unlocked.

Buuut then I finished Kelvin’s lore and…no achievement.

Battle School and Ambra achievements are also still locked.

Looks like things are sorted out. Got the Kelvin and Ambra achievements when I played as them today. Woo!

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