Achievements on Steam are bugged

23/01/2021 - played 117 hours since New Years and for the past 3 Days I have been googling, troubleshooting and what not. Nothing on the world wide web seems to work.
Just like OP my list of Steam-Achievements which didn’t pop is astonishingly long:

  • Slaughterhouse 3 (I did all 3 after another in one go, did not work)
  • A Hundred Names For Sand (convinced I discovered them all, because " Master Of All You Survey" popped)
  • Swamped (convinced I discovered them all, because " Master Of All You Survey" popped)
  • City Slicker (convinced I discovered them all, because " Master Of All You Survey" popped)
  • Getting A Little On The Side (In-Game Counter for Galaxy/Planets/Zones shows I done them all)
  • 100-Proof (just like the above, nothing more to find, no more ! - on any map)
  • Got Big Game (In-Game Tracker shows them all done)
  • Zer0ed In (In-Game Tracker shows them all done)

For the past 2 days, no solution I found online helped me in this situation.

Today I spent approx. 5 Hours visiting and re-discoverin EVERY SINGLE LOCATION on Pandora. For nothing to happen. The same for Promethea. Yesterday I spent multiple hours driving inbetween Pitt’s Stop and Logan’s Spar for a couple of players reported that this way the Achievement popped after some time. But also here, nothing. After todays Odyssee, this is my final and last straw. It is so tragic that the SAME issues were already on the former parts, Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel.

I have no clue why I actually fell into the K2/Gearbox Trap again.

As far as I was concerned, I thought this was the official Gearbox-Forum. In retrospective, there was not a single response from a Gearbox-Member since May 2020. More than 6 months and it seems like there is not a single thought given about the issues. But increasing the damage on guns no one is using in the most recent update was so important.
I’m done with Borderlands. They got my money this last time, but I will not even try and play the DLCs, for reports, from last year, show those achievements are bugged too. Who would’ve thought.
Personally, Gearbox is on the same stage with EA now. They don’t even bother. To respond. To fix. Or to communicate. ■■■■ this ■■■■, 60,- $ wasted

I don’t want this thread do die since it’s quite unacceptable that so much time has passed and so many people reported the exact same bugs and they still exist in the game. These achievements existed in previous Borderlands games, I can’t understand why they don’t work properly here.

A couple days ago, there was a user that reported the same bugs here in the forums. Personally, it hapenned to me yesterday.

Yesterday, I finally completed the game with my Zane, so I decided to go for all achievements. After completing it at 100%, I got the achievement for getting all achievements. However, when I looked at my Steam profile, I realized I was missing five achievements.

These were:

  • Completing all Circles of slaughter;
  • Completing all Eridian Proving Grounds;
  • Completing all side missions;
  • Finding every location on Pandora;
  • Finding every location on Promethea.

I already read that redoing these without exiting the game would solve the problem, but they still didn’t unlock.

I already tried uninstalling all the DLC and playing without them and the achievements still didn’t unlock.

There’s only so much that the community can try and fix, and it’s a shame this problem gets so little attention and it’s so low on their priority list, since I’m imagining it wouldn’t be so hard to solve.

Hello everyone,

Kindly note that last night i completed the original story of Borderlands 3, after spending 50+ hours, and completed every challenge in every map. I have the same issue, as the achievements of the STEAM, after completing every Legendary Hunt / Targets of Opportunity and discovered every location (no black fog on the map) still not a single achievment on STEAM.

The reason that i am repeating all of the above, is for me to follow this forum, in hope that maybe, someone from the 2k representative, will respond and enlight us.

Thanks alot for the effor that has been put on this game, we, the “consumers” that enjoyed the game, are not enjoyining as we do not have the ACHIEVMENTS. (Think about getting a Pokemon without registering into your Pokedex. *sucks right ? )

Waiting for a reply,

Take care, and don’t forget to smile :slight_smile:

A simple human that is not on Pandora.

Tales From The Eridian Slab
Slaughterhouse 3
A Hundred Names For Sand
City Slicker
Exoarchaeolo—You Get The Gist
Getting A Little On The Side
Got Big Game
Zer0ed In

None of these unlocked for me :confused: