Ack Ack or Clear Skies against airborne enemies?

Which proves to be more effective?

The Ack Ack’s flak clouds or Clear Skies’ weapon damage percent boost?

tried ack ack never saw much flak (%?, damage?), clear skies boost every bullet
you can not test it on the dummy so it depend on the situation and guns you use
i always use clear skies (only on EOS)gives best result for me
maybe it boost the flakker ?

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I tried both against Eos and thought the clear skies far superior.

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Ack Ack feels better because you can stack fire rate.

Maybe it was my gameplay and I only compared it on Wilhelm, but I just did not see much of an increase against Eos and never did see any flack.

The closer for me was I killed Eos quicker with the Clear Skies but admittedly my sample was small. 3 runs Ack Ack compared to 3 runs Clear Skies…all on Wilhelm.

Wilhelm may have more to gain with Clear Skies. He doesn’t have the damage potential of other VHs that benefit more from fire rate instead. That said, Clear Skies is pretty good against EOS because you have both damage increase and it’s easy to gain fire rate bonus with kill too.

But Ack Ack just seems to own airborne enemies for me. The flak adds some forgiveness that I like, especially in the Holodome.

Pretty sure that the Ack-Ack’s flak description is a lie. I never had any flak.

No it’s not. I see it a lot.

Does the Flak work against EOS/RK 5?

Those are the only targets I use it against them.

I haven’t used it on EOS but I have on RK5 and it worked.

i never saw any flak when i used it on EOS and if yes how much damage from it ?
prefer clear skies at least you now the damage

I think, the Ack Ack works best with every fast firing weaponry. And i could imagine that the flak-chance is calculated for every pellet listed on the weapon card. At least, it feels that way for me. If i go to kill EOS with a Flakker, i can’t see any big difference, if i use a Quad, the difference seems to be huge. Maybe the unlisted pellets can’t flak?

I’ve had both I like ack ack better and I got flak on nearly every airborne enemy I fought when I was using it during the holodome.

I wonder if there is a variation in how often it gives flak damage?

That being said clear skies works well too and is probably more consistent in the damage department.

Does the flak thing actually work against EOS/Eclipse?

which guns where you using with it ?
it won’t work with a sniper (aurelia)

I’ve had it work with Aurelia using a sniper but you get more flak when you use something with a higher pellet count. I love the Ack Ack against the Boson paired with an electric Thinking shotgun.

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Generally I have the most success with smg weapons.

Though in retrospect I’ve got to say that clear skies would probably be the better oz kit because you can get it at a higher level than the ack ack, especially in normal mode. My ack ack was level 18 which is a full 18 levels below EOS. So it’s damage is significantly reduced by the time you get to him.


I think that is dependent on the Vault Hunter you are using. I think in general, the damage boost from Clear Skies will probably give more bang for your buck in most situations. For players who prefer high RoF weapons and who have skills that provide stacks per hit, then the Ack Ack will probably be better.

I used the Ack Ack on my L.70 Athena to fight against EOS. I use a shock Anarchist against him during his shielding phase and I can clearly see the gun damage and the flak damage (which registers as yellow explosive numbers against the blue shock ones). Th Ack Ack builds up madd stacks of Maelstrom, which in turn improves almost all the other CS skills in the build. I’m sure there are other builds that would benefit more from the RoF boost rather than the flat damage boost, but I can’t think of any right now.