ACM PvP Balance Changing Discuss (update 2016.04.09)

I am glad to see many Aliens fans have returned to play ACM with TemplarGFX’s ACM Overhault MOD.Due to improved Alien AI and PMC AI,playing compaigns and BUG HUNT mode become a challenging work and need teamworks,more funny in it…But I think PvP mode is the best essence part of original ACM.I really hope that TemplarGFX’s ACM Overhault MOD can overhaul PvP mode to make ACM team match more professinal,just like “L4D2 Pro Mod”,because there’re many similarities between ACM and L4D2.I have played PVP mode with friends over 100+ hours.You can see my PVP video in my steam page …So I want to share my experiences in PvP mode and ideas of balance changing.Everyone can discuss together.

First is Marine’s weapon.(All what I said is in PvP mode)

Pulse Rifle Mk2 and Hundon’s pulse rifle
The first weapon you see in ACM.Many people don’t like it because it is not movie-like and Hundon’s pulse rifle is burst-fire.In fact Mk2 is a powerful PvP weapon after magazine accelerator update.With other updates,Mk2 is better than Hundon’s…A skilled marine carrying updated Mk2,can easily kill 2 close xenos without reloading.If making it more movie-like(95/99 Rounds),it is powerful overwhelmingly than Hundon’s…

My suggestion:
Both Mk2 and Hundon’s need more fire recoil.(Make it less COD-style and more skillful)
Increase close damages of Mk2 Shotgun,extend burning time of Mk2 Firebomb(They’re too weak than Mk2 Grenade,one hit kill)
Change Hundon’s burst-fire to auto-fire,hold 99 rounds (slightly strengthen,make it more movie-like and different with Ripley’s,more player prefer to choose it)

Pump Shotgun and Hick’s Shotgun
Just like above…With updates,Pump is better than Hick’s.No one prefer to choose Hick’s in PvP.I think swaping magazines may be a good choice.

My suggestion:
Change magazine capacity of Pump Shotgun from 8 to 6,decrease fire accuracy.
Change magazine capacity of Hick’s Shotgun from 6 to 8,increase fire accuracy,decrease reloading time.(Weak DLC weapon,need to strengthen)

Assault Rifle
Main weapon of WY-PMC.It is not very powerful due to unreliable recoil and burst-fire.Thougth it can carry unique flamer and telescopic sight,magazine capacity also make it not useful than Pulse Rifle in PvP.

My suggestion:
Increase fire accuracy,change 3/5 fire-burst to 1/3 fire-burst.(I think remaked assault rifle in TemplarGFX’s MOD is very good!)
Strengthen steady effect of absorbing stock,it is not obvious to reduce vertical recoil.
I think mading it white-style just like original concept art would be better!

Battle Rifle
A very powerful weapon in long-range versus! “ARMAT Smart Targeting Scope” is a extremely inconceivable attachment because it can detect any live enemies through obstacles,and still owns full-screen vision at zoom view! So I think,reducing the field of scope vision is the best way to nerf.

My suggestion:
More fire recoil
Decrease magazine capacity from 15 to 10
Increase damages of proximity mines slightly
Reduce the field of smart targeting scopescope vision

I ever posted a guild of reducing the field of scope vision:

Tactical Shotgun
The best shotgun in PvP,everyone’s best choice.With useful alternate fire and attachments,it own high fire rate,high close damages and short reloading time.It should be nerfed.

My suggestion:
More fire recoil,decrease fire accuracy.
Decrease close damages and increase far damages silghtly.(It is too powerful in melee and useless in long-range versus)
Decrease fire rate in full-auto mode silghtly.
Strengthen steady effect of recoil dampening stock.(It is not obvious,everyone prefer to choose magazine system)

I have a lot of business work to do so I’ll update this post late~

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