ACM will not launcg (Win10 Pro)

Just purchased this game after hearing about the ‘teather/tether’ ini. file fix to improve the AI, and the Overhaul Mod. However, the game will not launch or start. Yes, I’ve deleted the ‘appcache’ folder in Steam, the ‘ClientRegistry.blob’ file, etc - but all to no avail

I’m using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, Intel Core Duo E8600, Nvidia GTX 9700 4BG, and 8GB DDR2 RAM.

Any ideas?


Are you currently running just the vanilla game with no mods?

The usual suspects for things like this are:

  • Corrupt or missing file from Steam install - verify files through steam
  • File/folder locked by Windows Defender, BitDefender, or other AV software - exempt folders
  • Game not installed in expected location (eg if using multiple drives in same computer)

If none of those apply, I’d suggest filing an official support ticket:


I haven’t modded or edited anything. Yes, I’ve verified the cache with Steam - everything seems OK. BitDefender has not blocked or interfered with the installation/game.

Mr game is installed here:
G:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Aliens Colonial Marines


It can, however, prevent necessary write access for temp files when the game launches. Just double check that the folders in the directory structure are being excluded from AV checks and haven’t been locked.

Other than making sure that the Steam launcher is looking in the correct place (including the drive letter), I’d have to suggest the support ticket route.


nuke it from your HDD and make a clean reinstall over Steam. It´s (sometimes) the only way to be sure! :wink:


Any errors or crash reports?

Did ACM install the “UE3Redist” package on the first start? If not, the game won´t start.

Whats your Mainboard and Soundcard? Some old intel chipset got problems with ACM. I got an old intel Dual core on a Sockel 775 mainboard in my basment, that can´t handel ACM or other UE3 games.

Don´t miss understand me…

…you got a big bottleneck, between your RAM, CPU and GPU. Your GPU is way to fast for your CPU / RAM (IMO).

ACM don´t like slow RAM, specially DDR2 is kinda bugy for ACM. After all those patches (no mod or tweak incl.), ACM needs much more faster hardware, as the requirements shown on steam. A dual core with 2 ghz CPU is way to slow. A quad core is a must have for stable fps between 30 - 60 fps.

GPU isn´t that important. A GTX 570 with 1200 MB VRAM is enough for 60 fps or above on 1080p (without mods). The game (poor engine) needs more the CPU and fast RAM as a fast GPU.


Where would I find an error or crash report? I installed the “UE3Redist” package myself.

Here are my tech specs:
Windows 10 Pro & Windows 7 Ultimate (64-bit) \ Intel Core2 Duo E8600 (3.4ghz) \ Abit IP-35 Pro (Rev. 2.00/BIOS v1.8 Beta) (Socket 775) \ 8GB Corsair PC2-6400 800mhz XMS (4 X 2) \ PNY GTX 9700 XLR8 OC 4GB \ Corsair HX 620w PSU \ Hitachi CCTV DVR 7200rpm 64MB 2TB \ Samsung Evo 850 500GB SSD \ Sharkoon T9 Value \ Arctic Cooling Alpine 11 Pro \ Samsung Writemaster SH-S223Q \ Acer 24" X243H


Crash reports or error messages comes at start up.

For example:

ACM.exe dosen´t work or response.

But I got the bad feeling that your Problem is caused by your “old” MB and CPU.

My Pc in the basment got a Intel P35 chipset as well, with an E6300 CPU and a GTX 570. And this is the only rig I know, were ACM dosen´t work. And I don´t really know why. The GPU isn´t the problem. I used this one in 2013 on release date with my AMD Phenom ii x4 955 be. No trouble

Onced I get it start up after I deinstalled all chipset, LAN and Soundcard driver. But ACM was unplayable, under 15 fps and no sound. With installed drivers, nothing, I didn´t get a error or crash report as well.

I´m afraid to say, but I think your CPU and MB dosen´t hit the requirments for the patched version of ACM.

Sounds really strange for an old game like ACM, but the engine is far away from efficiently. This “tether” isn´t the only typo. The whole coding and fine tune is really bad made and full of typo´s. I do mods for years, but ACM is really a mass. It´s even a wonder that this game is running, but when it runs, it need soo much hardware ressources to run stable.


Strangely enough, the game worked fine after I installed Templar’s Overhaul Mod.

Thanks for everything,

Your welcome!

I´m glade that it´s working for you right now.

I have to try ACM with mod´s on my old intel rig. It could be that the mod from templar fix this “start” problem. I know he fixed a lot of the bad coding, and that only with hex editing.