ACM with BugHunt dev!

Recently had the opportunity to speak with Dave Flamburis, one of the devs that worked on Bughunt. He was kind enough to hangout with us the entire stream and answer questions! Enjoy.

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Not watching 4 hours worth–I watched 5 minutes tho ; ) Glad your still rocking ACM --I am too

Ya dude I’ll always be rockin on ACM dude! We had a great four hours for sure. We will most likely do another in the future so I will send you a DM to let you know when it happens. This wasn’t really planned I was just talking to him and he was like lets do this and I was like ok. LOL!

I watched the first hour of it and it was very interesting. I’ll probably watch the rest of it at some point later on in the future. I remember there was one point in the video where someone asks the developer if he could port it to next gen which engine would he use and he mentioned Unreal 3 again instead of Unreal 4. Surprising response, but I already know why he said that…

The tech lead for the Gears of War remake recently said the same thing, that given time constraints they went with Unreal 3 instead of Unreal 4. Apparently the A.I. logic API in Unreal 4 is vastly different than whats in Unreal 3, so they could not simply move the existing A.I. code over to Unreal 4 it would need to be rewritten. Therefore the Gears of War remake utilized Unreal 3 but the upcoming Gears of War 4 will use Unreal 4.

Makes sense, although given how spotty the alien A.I. can be from time to time I think the game would greatly benefit from a rewrite in that department.

Ya later on in the Video we talk about seeing it remastered on UE4. You are right though I had asked him about UE4 prior to the recording of this and he said that you couldn’t just directly port it, and in a sense you would almost have to recreate the game to work with UE4. Was a lot of fun to have Dave hang out with us and for so long too. We do plan on doing another that is a bit more structured, this video was spur of the moment. He was like hey lets do this and I was like Sure! So many neat stories behind the making of bughunt. My favorite is how he wrote bughunt on an Nvida 8600GT with 512 Mb that he bought for $10. He used that card cause it was closest to the hardware of the PS3. Even Crazier is how each map size was less than 512 Mb, that’s nuts when you think about how big some of those were.