Acquiring Boost Codes

I’ve noticed a few boost codes on Twitter but I don’t know how one goes about getting one. Any suggestions ladies and gents?

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Boost Codes:

  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Boost Codes are the motherload of VIP codes, however, they are limited to one redemption per user per lifetime. These are designed to give you a boatload of VIP points.
    saw this on mental mars
    must come with the game maybe

Being sent out by email if you opted to receive emails when you signed up for VIP


cool thanks

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I think I signed up to receive emails but I haven’t gotten any codes lol. Thanks for the assist :slightly_smiling_face: I’ll keep checking my emails praying for a miracle code lmao.

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chance of me getting this codes is slim, heck i do not even received an e-mail code .

I’m definitely part of the vip program. since season 1 of the rewards seasons
I’ve signed up for the emails on that page. But I’ve yet to receive any emails/ boost codes etc.
Can anyone enlighten me?
I’ve checked my spam etc

I hear ya. If RNG is involved I’m always getting crapped on.

They were mostly sent out to inactive accounts and accounts with low participation.

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Thanks for the input guys, it figures right lol. Its not like we could use the 5,000 pts just sayin lol. It should be equal opportunity not just for those who have low point totals. I have almost 40,000 but I know those extra points will come in handy somewhere down the road.

Mine are at the very bottom of my email. Also the Borderlands emails are in the promotion section of Gmail accounts. (Green) They are at the very bottom of the news letters.

I’ll save you all some time.Uploading: 9FC4CCC2-4726-4EE3-8AD4-904BA2BA753F.png… Uploading: 78635335-68CE-4991-A92C-CABF6382A3CF.png… Uploading: D1A971FF-4C41-4255-9E76-300147D5D9A4.png… Uploading: 4F9415E2-BC0C-43E0-B872-6E7B722CE5FF.png… Uploading: F588F04A-56FD-4255-A83B-A029C5065E9F.png… Uploading: BE555538-7FB3-4ACE-B2C1-186B9BCBCBE7.png… Uploading: 59E2C2DA-93A2-491C-91F5-DBE8DF5078E9.png… Uploading: 289171ED-E02C-4F8E-9BFD-135B52E1C60F.png… Uploading: D64B3587-CC8A-46AB-8006-47AC239FDB81.png… Uploading: 10CF4317-967A-49DD-A582-EFFD77C402A2.png…


What the he’ll is this mess?

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I’ll see what I can do to fix it. Was suppose to be all the images of the codes.

image image image

I’ve received a boost code from the email system so it is 100% possible.

[exosphere2016] whats the code so we can use it or what did it do

Hi… You get a boostcode with 10 000 points with your first e-mail after registration to borderlands-VIP. Mine was FNL-X24V4-U391

I have never opted for this vip thing, I may be miss understanding it, but it appears that they want my friend accounts or list of or something like that.

That to me just seems wrong like I am giving out information that I don’t feel like I have a right to give… Just something about it all seems wrong to me.

Like I said I may not be understanding it proper, but when I looked at it is just did not feel right.