Action cooldown rate in Guardian ranks is showing negative percent bonus

this is not a bonus, and has a negative effect. the hunter section of guardian ranks is not bugged, today i noticed this bonus issue where you redeem tokens for action skill cooldown rate

items in the game with bonus modifiers in action skill cooldown rate, like artifacts below show positive percentages.
cutpurse moxxi’s endowment +21%
grave +21%
fire stone deathless +21%

for a guardian rank to offer a negative percent as a bonus is broken

i’m thinking its - because it subtracts which makes it lower which we want

I timed a few cooldown cycles and they were always coming up with the expected duration of BASE / ( 1 + MODIFIERS). It’s hard to check now that I have the guardian rank cooldown reduction with full shield since we don’t know the numerical value of that.

for us that play PC it not hard to check

test a player action skill with no items equipped that boost + action skill cooldown, with what ever you pointed into guardian rank hunter tree, in my case show -12%. shut down game completely. -12% on a 2 minute CD is not reducing the 2 minute CD like one would think. cut and paste your player SAV file and profile to another folder. guardian ranks are player shared and saved in profile.

start game, it creates a new profile, quit game completely, copy in same player . new profile will have 0 points in any guardian tree, i show +0 percent action skill cooldown rate.

-12% on a 2 minute CD is not reducing the 2 minute CD like one would think.

all items in Borderlands 3 that have a action skill modifier in the game are a + positive percent modifier, it makes the cooldown faster. should be a + bonus not a - bonus, hunter tree bonus is wrong, showing a - negative percent modifier at -12% is hindering and not a bonus

I’m not sure how it may have been when the thread was originally created… But I just loaded the game and checked. The description when viewing your guardian rank is:
-X% Action Skill Cooldown

I didn’t just spend any points, so I don’t know if you invest in Action Skill Cooldown Rate or not, but being as the negative modifier does not apply to the Rate… But to the Action Skill Cooldown… A negative modifier should indeed lower the overall Cooldown period.

If it is not lowering your Cooldown then reporting the bug would make sense, however I’m not following the rest of what you say as things stand. Nothing needs to be changed as far as the display goes for guardian ranks.

i posted about it awhile back, other items in hunter tree are showing negative also online or offline. i have posted info to some streamers/tubers also. not sure if its being looked at?

accuracy was reported by players as negative bonus month back, gearbox fixed for online mode only, goes to a negative bonus when offline

if could reset my guardian points spent, i would only place points into the …luck bonus and near none on others to unlock hunter tree