Action Logan's Gun - Vibration Killer

After firing several shots with this weapon, the vibration for the controller stops working. The vibration is week with different guns, faltering a bit. However, this gun kills the vibration completely. I have both of Moxxi’s guns and test the vibration. I have tried several different weapons, but the Action Logan’s Gun seems to kill the controller vibration completely for me. I have to reset the game if I want it back.

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Its a shame that it has been over a month and the issue still persists. Granted they said a patch would fix this, but I read that one thread back in March…

I just got the game today and was surprised there were some issues (vibration is the big one for me) that still havent been resolved.

Just be glad they have acknowledged the vibration issue!! There are still some serious (network connecton) problems that have not even been responded to.

No “we’re aware of it” or “we’re working on it”. Nothing.

The patch with the vibration fix has been coming for a while. I’m assuming it didn’t pass QC as it’s been a long time.