Action skill bonus ideas!

Hey guys.
Since I was discussing with some of you about a lot of different things I thought we should really discuss a thing that could make endgame exciting.

In Gearbox last Dev Update they stated that Class Mods now will get bonuses.

The thing that’s quite funny is that i had quite a few discussions about Mayhem 2.0 and balancing in different topics and i came up with tons of ideas one of them was this one.

So now that we can get bonuses on Class Mods what ideas would you come up with how should they look like.

For example give FL4K´s Rakks the ability for radiation maybe novas. Mozes Iron Bear Nuke could be cryo and radioactive for example.

I can’t wait to see with what ideas we can come up with and then to see what ends up in the game later on!


Actionskill Bonus:

-Rolling with the Punches


  • Amara


When Amara Punches an Enemy there is a chance for a singularity to happen.
The more enemies inside that singularity the higher the punch dmg.

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These sound cool but I doubt the next patch or two will have anything of this scope (we’re talking a whole set of unique effects and tuning them to not be crap or game-breaking). All I’m expecting for now is “+x% action skill damage” being added to the list of affixes that classmods can have.
But who knows, maybe later there’ll be spicier stuff?

  • +x% fire/cryo/shock/rad/corrosive action skill damage
  • 10% action skill lifesteal (applies to iron bear armor as well)
  • 10% action skill shieldsteal
  • action skill debuffs enemies
  • action skill cooldown refunded based on damage dealt with it (would probably need different formulas though)
  • +action skill cast speed

This could practically be a legendary classmod on its own.

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Well but i think given what gearbox announced that class mods will get bonus dmg and special effects!

Maybe you should read into their announcement again.

To give your Action Skills a bigger boost, we also will add Skill Damage to Class Mods in this phase. These Class Mods will introduce powerful bonuses to Action Skills

Yes, I know it does say “bonuses”, plural. Maybe I’m just jaded but my experience has been that when something is vague like this and can be interpreted in a non-hype way (even that interpretation is convoluted), it’s usually the spokeperson banking on the audience interpreting it in the hype way, but it’s actually the non-hype way. Or it’s a straight-up embellishment. Everyone does this, GBX included.
I will gladly eat my words if I’m wrong, though.