Action skill cooldown bug

Sometimes my clone cooldown would be 5 seconds, sometimes 15.

There is a bug when switching artifacts, class mods… etc. You keep your bonus to cooldown after you switch it out.

Is GB aware?

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In another thread we concluded, that your cooldown is lower outside of battle and even lower in Sanctuary to keep the gameplay fluid. During battle you have your usual cooldown

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I believe this is correct. Whether a bug, or intentional, Cooldown seems to be a lot faster in non-combat situations.

Pretty sure it’s not just for Zane either, it seems to affect the other characters too.

When you quit and start game again, the “stacking” stops and its back to normal. Which is why in Sanctuary when we are changing our loaded we see the drastically reduced cooldown

I tested it. If you equip and then unequip, you keep the cooldown bonus.

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I have never noticed that. As long as I do not take any damage I always have the same cooldown regardless of fighting or not which is for example very noticable when doing Graveward runs (as you can generally time your cooldowns after a while).
Respec: Your cooldown decreases massively (you just have to respec, does not matter if you put points into cooldown reduction skill)
Shield damage (no matter how much): Your cooldown increases massively if you have enough guardian ranks in hunter (could be bugged or could be intended as it is dependent on completely full shields; the intention could have been to drastically decrease cooldowns between fights)

If you are using self damaging weapons (like Alchemist) or getting a bit of AoE damage or if you are using damage shields (Rerouter) you will of course always have damaged shields when fighting.

15-18 seconds Clone cooldown is the expected cooldown with having a lot of action cooldown increase.
6-8 seconds cooldown is with full shields and the guardian rank buff (or using respeccing shenanigans).

5 seconds (at this point it will be displayed while the shield is active) should only be possible with respeccing at the moment.

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Not disagreeing with what you have said above, but unless my math is wonky, the Cooldown numbers you have listed seem incredibly low. To elaborate, the basic formula to calculate expected cooldown is:

Cooldown = Base Cooldown / 1 + (Cooldown Reduction/100)

Eg. We would expect +20% Reduction on Digi-Clone’s 28 second Base, to result in a final Cooldown of about 23 seconds (28/(1+0.2) = 23.3).

So, continuing to use that formula, and with the Digi-Clone as an example:

Base Cooldown: 28 seconds
18 second Cooldown requires a +56% Reduction
15 second Cooldown requires a +87% Reduction
8 second Cooldown requires a +250% Reduction
6 second Cooldown requires a +367% Reduction
5 second Cooldown requires a +460% Reduction

The numbers above are heavily rounded (hence rough), but nonetheless, the max Cooldown Reduction you could expect from Zane, with full shields, plus maxed gear, skills, and Guardian Rank, would be roughly:

+20% - Adrenaline (if shields full)
+20% - Topped Off (Guardian Perk, if shields full)
+15% - Guardian Rank Cooldown Reduction
+30% - Artifact Cooldown Bonus
+30% - Class Mod Cooldown Bonus

This is only a total of about 115% Cooldown reduction, and nowhere near the values required to reach a 5 second Cooldown.

Mathematically, a reduction of 115% should only reduce the Digi-Clone Cooldown from 28 seconds to about 13.

So… Either my math is off (possible), or there is something very weird going on with a 5 second Cooldown on the Digi-Clone.

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Well then maybe we came to the wrong conclusion, who knows.

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Maybe they changed the formula when they switched to unreal engine.
They apparently also switched the damage reduction formula to 1x(1-DR)x(1-DR)…
So they might have also changed the cooldown formula to

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There are a few things: Guardian Rank bonus is worded as -% cooldown, so assuming the wording is actually correct, it would directly lower cooldown duration and not increase cooldown rate.

Then there is Topped Off: Where did you get the 20%? At least with Zane Topped Off seems to massively decrease your cooldowns (and I think there have been reports that that is the case for other VHs as well). With Topped Off it seems as if you are having your cooldown times halfed and I get about 8-10 second cooldowns on Clone with it. Using Rough Rider or getting shield damage results in directly longer cooldown times (by a large margin).

And then there is the respec bug: Each time you respec your cooldown will get lower (you might have had points in Adrenaline before respec, I did not check, but cooldowns will get reduced directly after respec, it depends not on putting points into Adrenaline after).
With Topped Off you are at 5 seconds CD after 2-3 respecs (you can get Barrier to 2-3s), without Topped Off you just need a bit more respecs.

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That could be a real possibility. Good spot!

My only thought here though, is that even with a different formula, the Cooldown Reduction effect isn’t consistent at all.

Whether this is intentional, the result of bugs like the stacking/respec issue others have mentioned, or something else entirely, I guess there’s no real way for us to be sure right now.

Good question… Now that you’ve asked, I honestly can’t recall, though it would have to have been in one of these Forum threads at some point. It may well be inaccurate, and I take your point on the buff being for “Cooldown” rather than “Cooldown Reduction” too.

Not disputing this at all, but being a bug, and therefore unintended, I didn’t account for this in any “expected” Cooldown figures.

It does account for some inconsistency in values however, certainly.

Edit: Seems to me that Topped Off is the most likely culprit for the weirdness then.

it seems to me there is still an action skill cooldown bug. I am not sure what s causing it ( may be relic swap)but sometimes my actions skill almost instantly recharge in combat situation

Running CCC?

Mayhem mods have been a big difference for me aswell. The cooldown reduction one seems very noticeable.

The Guardian perk stacking of cooldown seems to be in effect again.

Essentially, when you respec, it keeps stacking thr lower cooldown.


oh so that s what is it,i am experimenting stuff and done a lot of respec on differents characters and sometimes cooldown went completely crazy for no apparent reason

When I put points in whatever cool down reduction skills, then respec and repeat. It stacks. Instant Action skill… Hope it will be fixed

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