Action Skill Problem still Happening

I’m playing at level 25 as Moze on PC. Over the past few weeks I have provided details of an ongoing problem which is spoiling the game for me. If Iron Bear is activated fine but after this it will not reactivate. Usually I have to press ‘K’ to get the Skill Tree up. Here I have to reset the main V35 Grenade Launcher slot at the top of the Demolition Woman skill tree. After a previous usage the vanquisher Rocket Pod has nearly always deactivated. Resetting all of this in the middle of a Boss fight is a bit frustrating. Even after resetting Iron Bear only activates on around 50% of attempts. In the Skill Tree at the right hand bottom of the screen is a ‘R’ for Manage Loadout. What does this do? Do I need to press this each time?
There must be something that is stopping Iron Bear from activating. I am attempting to borrow a keyboard to see if this is the problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.