Action skill timer freezing or resetting

Is this a known issue? I’ve had my timer freeze, reset and even skip the countdown straight to zero and it’s really frustrating especially when I’m in a heated fight or banking on it to escape death. I’m on PS4 if that matters

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I’ve known about it for a while. I think its being affected by cryo that does it. But not sure

Are you on Fl4k?

His is somewhat messed up in the fade away spec.

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Yeah I’m using Fl4k with fade away, I’ve noticed lately it’s really been getting worse though with the freeze/reset

I think it is a general problem with Fl4k. Happens for me with Rak Attack. The impression I have gotten from reading post is that Head Count is buggy and that it might be worth only putting one point in it. Many build max that out.

I notice it when exiting fade away. I think it’s from the skill that takes time off of your cooldown for crits because I can usually get my action skill back before it ends using GITM but it is gone when I exit


This. Same experience.

Ur crit shots are reducing the timer, sometimes it confusing but everything is still working as intended minus the counter will count down again when in fade away. Itll reset at fade away the the crits will start reducing ur actual cool down

Well that seems odd especially when it’s freezing while I’m just running away to get cover or randomly while I’m going from area to area

I’m… not finding it intuitive… how it works or how it is supposed to work.

I get that they likely don’t want your cooldown skill to reset your cooldown skill to zero. That’s fine, and completely reasonable.

But the way the readout/HUD is makes me pretty confused as to what is going to happen when.

Appropriately put a "governor’ on the skill proccing itself, please! But if I could get a clear and accurate readout, I’d be a happier person.

Happens on amara too

Have this problem on fl4k with fade away and rakk attack.