Action skills shrank

I was playing borderlands 3 like every other day, then i used my action skills. Im playing as zane and use his digi clone and drone. Upon using them i noticed they had shrank to be about ankle high. They both were very small. They seem to do normal or just less than normal damgae. I invited my friend to the game to see if she had any problems and her playing as moze. The iron bear was a very tiny little mech that also stood about knee high. If anyone knows the fixes for this please let me know. It just happend today but wasnt happening yesterday. I just tried with another charater as flak and all his pets were tiny as well.

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what date is it today?

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Rip april 1st
Still need solution tho

It’s a joke man…

it’ll probably be done by tomorrow.

To all who thought it was a joke. Its still happening

All I can say is avoid borderlands 3 till it stops. Like Halloween Havoc.

I kept getting knocked off cliffs with iron bear. Gotta say having Flak’s pets tiny made playing multiple Flaks doable, could actually see enemies and interact with things without blowing myself up with anarchy reload!