Activating Debug Console on PC

I doth hath been summoned!

I don’t use the console myself much. But iirc in your documents/my games/borderlands/willowgame/config/there should be a WillowInput.ini file. It should have the option to assign the console a key somewhat like this (this is what I got):

Again, I don’t really use it myself so idk. However I do have a guy on my Discord that uses it. I can always prod him for the specifics if this doesn’t cut it.


Yes, that what I’m still looking for…

I’ll go and poke the guy about it then…


Okay, according to the guy he said he used most of BL2’s console commands (which makes sense cuz UE3 and BL1-BL2 relations).

According to him to get the debug overlay to work you need to enter something along the lines of dbmToggleDebug and then pick up the weapon you want to know the AL of.

He/I also figured using: might help out a tat.

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Thanks all. I had the console enabled for a long time (used it to cheese Craw for that old drops study).

Can someone try that console command? I’m not sure I have the original modded BL1 still intact…would need to reinstall, set up patches, etc. I will do it in a few days time.

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Hahaha don’t sweat it. I’m just pulling legs.

I hope it helps at least somewhat. Perhaps I can pull more info outta that guy. But again, I don’t use the debug console myself. As I do everything I do in UDK. UDKmasterraceho!

Anyway, generally speaking BL2 console commands tend to apply to BL1 asw.

@MeltintheSun & @Geomason did some more digging. Usable console commands:

Camera Default - Sets the camera to the default position
Camera FirstPerson - Sets the camera to first person
Camera ThirdPerson - Sets the camera to third person
CLS - Clears console
dbm_ToggleShowDebug - Shows Debug Information on the Screen
duck - Makes the player duck
Exit - Quickly Exits the Game
FOV # - Set the FOV of the Game
Gamma Value # - Set the Brightness of the game
GSTalk - Opens Dialog Box for Writing GSTalk Messages
Jump - Makes the Player Jump
NextWeapon - Switches to the Next Weapon
OpenFriendsUI - Opens the Screen for Inviting Friends to a Game
Pause - Pauses the game
PlayVehicleHorn - If you're in a vehicle, it'll honk the horn
PrevWeapon - Switches to the Previous Weapon
Quit - Quickly exits the game
Say (Message) - Puts message in game chat
setSensitivity ##.## - Set the Game Controls Sensitivity
Setres (Horizontal #)x(Vertical #) - Sets the Game Resolution
Screenshot - Takes a Screenshot
Shot - Takes a Screenshot
ShowMap - Shows the Game Map
ShowMenu - Pauses the Game
ShowStatusMenu - Shows the Game Map
StartAltFire - Use Weapon Scope
Stat FPS - Shows FPS on screen
StopAltFire - Lower Weapon Scope
SwitchSeats - Switches Seats in Vehicle
Talk - Opens Dialog Box for Writing Messages
TeamTalk - Opens Dialog Box for Writing Team Messages
ThrowWeapon - Throws Current Weapon on the Ground
ToggleHUD - Toggles the HUD visibility
Use - Use
Unduck - Makes the Player Unduck


Yeah, thanks! Not sure where you got these but you are missing the only one I ever used - “notarget” will make enemies not target you.

I checked last night and don’t currently have a modded install…so testing will have to wait.