Activating Mayhem in TVHM .. what’s the deal?

I’m hearing a lot of confusion on the ability to activate TVHM Mayhem mode on console so it would be great to have some folks clear up any confusion…

I’m level 42 and playing Mayhem 3 currently. On my main menu I have the option to switch to TVHM. Should I chose to do this, will I have access to the Mayhem console on sanctuary and will I still be on Mayhem 3. Would me making it to level 50 prior to switching to TVHM have any baring? The question many have asked is when switching to TVHM do you have to run through the entire campaign on “ normal” mode before having access to Mayhem modes. See below article and thanks:

As far as I have heard from friends who play on console, you cannot carry over Mayhem to TVHM. You have to reactivate it on Sanctuary, which seems to be only possible on PC.

You have to rush the main mission and then activate Mayhem for all the sidequests, while PC folks can activate Mayhem right after getting on Sanctuary, which makes it possible to do the whole TVHM playthrough on Mayhem.

I really hope Gearbox makes it so console players can do that too. I mean, not even TVHM+M3 is actually difficult, unless you play coop.

It definitely behaves differently between console and PC:

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so… if this be the case… one would have to begin at the start of the campaign in TVHM and progress to the point where one reaches Sanctuary( I’m guessing that was around level 15 or so in 1st play through? ). Also, can this be a speed run as mentioned where bosses can be avoided if desired?

And yes , this seems like a very big “ oops” .

On PC you can access Mayhem mode in TVHM once you hit Sanctuary. On console, you’ll need to speed run the story to the end; also, be very careful if you want to reset your TVHM - turn off Mayhem mode first!

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So you would need to play the entire campaign( including all bosses) in order to unlock Mayhem in TVHM… I had some tell me all you needed to do was get to Sanctuary and the Mayhem console was available. Not trying and rain on anyone’s parade but how there is such a huge glitch between PC and Console is troubling for many it seems.

It works that way on PC, but not on Console. This has been raised with GBX; I don’t think they’ll be able to resolve this in time for the next game udpate, but they may address it in the future since having different behaviours between platforms is rather confusing to players.

Yes I agree and would say it is a very big issue. To reiterate though… when one switches to TVHM regardless if they are level 40 or 50, said players will need to go through the entire campaign again, including all bosses to obtain the key to unlock Mayhem? This is where I’m hearing quite a few discrepancies. As I mentioned… several had indicated having Mayhem unlocked as soon as they hit Sanctuary. Sorry if I’m repetitive but I know for a fact that this has caused a LOT of confusion with my circle of friends and I imagine it’s has with the overall community as well. Thanks for your input!

I started my second play through on ps4 with TVHM turned on. Sanctuary is completed I’m on the ship running around, no Mayhem options. Which sucks if anyone is wondering. I was wanting to give it a try on my second play.

I can’t imagine that the developers will not patch this. PC players and console should have identical play through characteristics.