Activation key for BL3?

Ok, I preordered the game from 2K and I still have no activation code or anyway to download the game… we are only a few days from release what the hell?

The order and confirmation show up but no key or activation…

GMG is still awaiting keys as well. Hopefully tomorrow will be our lucky day.

Considering they said early downloads would start 48 hours prior to release… I would suspect Wednesday.

well if your on pc the release time is midnight sept 13th BTS so just take 48 hours off that and convert it to your timezone console release is at sept 13 midnight EST

Just look here…

PC release is Wed Sept 12 at 7pm EST. We can D/L from Epic Store Tues Sept 10 at 7pm est (tonight)

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I was just wondering when I might receive my game code in the email from my pre-order. will it be the day of? a day before?

There’s been a lot of posts about this on the forums…digested version is that looks like 2K (which is where I assume you bought it) will likely be sending out the codes on Wednesday-ish. A number of folks have contacted them and have gotten vague answers, but we should have our codes by release.

Thanks appreciate it

Indeed, more info can be found from the thread: “No Response after Pre-Order?”.

In short, still no activation code, less than 6 hours before the pre-load. Hype officially killed.

Everything is fine when you can play on 13. september.

The promise of a pre-download 48h before the release on PC (which was rightfully expected) go again that statement.

The game must be ready for download this evening around 7PM.

The state of the 2k orders is concerning to say the least.

Must is BS. It is ready when its ready

I am not here to debate simple concepts and personal opinions but to gather more information on the current situation. You are free to make this about you or me though, I am not stopping you.

I will plan my next move based on today threads and posts. Hope everyone get their code in time for the pre-download.

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I canceled my order from 2k a bit earlier.

I am currently pre-downloading the game from the Epic Store (it is available for download since more than 1 hour).

Good luck everyone, ordering from 2k is no longer an option for me.

Right conclusion. Seems like 2k doesnt care too much and is not willing to care

I purchased from 2K. I just got an email 9-11-2019 from Epic that says I should be able to download the game now, but I have not received an activation code from 2K.

do you checked your EGL? if you linked you 2k to EGL maybe you have an greyed icon so you can download.

Please check this and give us info… :slight_smile:

I bought the Highest tier digital download from 2k months ago. I have been waiting on my key to download also. I put in a ticket last night after pre-loading was enabled because I still hadn’t received my key. They sent an automated response saying they got my ticket and will try to answer it within 24 hours. It’s now 9:40 am EDT so there is still about 10 or so hours left for a response to be within their timeline. If I hear anything back from them I will update this post. Also if anyone else has info please let us know

My 2K account is linked to my Epic Games Store account. Epic support tells me that I have to contact 2K to provide me my key to add that to the EGL. This is directly from Epic support:


Thanks for getting back to me!

If this is the case, then you will have to contact 2K Games so that they can provide you with the activation code which you will then be able to use to unlock the game on the Epic Games Launcher.

Hopefully, they will be able to tell you exactly when you will receive it.

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