Activation pad controller vibrationbug

Sometimes when i use an activation pad my controller will continue to vibrate after the pad has been activated like the game thinks i’m still activating it. this has happened on the pads to activate the keywardens in the sentinel and the pads to start the shard harvesting on heliophage, i have worked around this problem by killing myself and getting revived and also by leaving the game and rejoining. turning my controller off and back on doesn’t stop it. my controller practically eats batteries. it would be nice to not drain them faster with the unnecessary vibrating of the controller.

A quick fix is to just turn off vibration until the mission is over, happened to me a few times

I know it doesn’t fix the problem but atleast you won’t have to die or leave and rejoin

I’m also on ps4 so it’s not just the Xbox version that has this problem

sounds hawt
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