Actual Amara Melee Number Statistics! (what does increase the damage, and what does not)

Hi guys, so I actually did some testing (and actual math) with my amara now, because…

I am fully stacked on amara now…
I have a brawler shield with phaseslam augment
i have a face puncher with phaseslam augment
I have a moar linage 120% melee with phaseslam augment
I have a lifesteal sticky bomb with melee relic
I have a 80% shock/69% random element melee relic
and the Breaker class mod for another point in “find your center”

so in total, after I slam, with shield depleted, in full damage gear I should have 1344% increased melee damage… and I STILL dont even one shot the little maliwan guys on athena…
no matter what element augment I used… well that is not how math works people… it turned out that it was quite a bit less… but actually actually quite a bit more… but still weird, as math is weird… it is actually 895% base damage, plus what ever elemental damage we add, from 50% all the way up to 200%

so I did some testing for the last 6 hours now, I respect, got rid of all my talents, tested each one to see how the numbers change, logged in and out to make sure the stats are refreshed… it took a long ass time.

Here are my findings:

Skill Tree:

Illuminated fist: works as intended increases damage by 75% of your base melee damage

Find your Center: works as intended increases damage by 100% of your base melee damage and by another 100% of base damage if you have the breaker class mod!

Blitz ‘updated’: Blitz DOES add another 100% base melee damage (there are some bugs at the moment where you might not see a change immediatly, leading me and many others to believe it only worked on the charging attack) so you might want to not only relog, but switch to a new character for just a moment and go back to amara to apply this properly (it is enough if you just click on “continue” in the menu " load character" and just click on another character and then click amara again, this will RELOAD the amara save file and will reapply all damage increases as it is intended

outdated info (might still be important):does ONLY give 100% melee damage on the actually “Blitz melee charge attack” and does NOT provide 100% melee damage in general… (this does mean there is actually insentive to NOT go for this, I’ll explain later)

SO, from our skill tree we get 375% base melee damage to all attacks, these increases are additive, this means they do not benefit from one another

Laid bare: DOES increase all melee damage by 25% after an action skill, this is multiplicative, so every other melee damage you have will be increased by 25% total. nice, but I dont run it in my final build for level 50 now

Tempest: DOES increase melee damage as well, and same as “laid bare” increases damage multiplicative (since it is the only source of elemental damage we get) so since you turn you melee into elemental damage fully, this will increase your TOTAL damage by 30%/50% respectively. nice
nice damage increase! must have!

so this is all for the tree, pretty self explanatory.
and since melee is really more like a good dps option rather than a ONE PUNCH option on mayhem 3 right now, there are reasons you might not want to go for blitz and instead pick up literally anything else. it is JUST a gap closer that does a sligtly stronger melee attack with an 8 second cooldown, it is nice to have, but dont expect to one shot people…

so now for items:

Melee Damage affix on a gun:
does increase your melee damage by a significant amount! it is just additive to your base damage, but it is the biggest amount you can get if you are holding a 120% melee damage gun. but of course a face puncher with 60% will do just fine. definitly grab a gun with melee damage!

the legendary Brawler shield:
YOU WANT THIS! this works as intended, when your shields are depleted you will gain 300% melee base damage! this is a HUGE buff, it almost DOUBLES your base damage (meaning any elemental increases and other stuff will be almost doubled as well!) turning it into a 50% damage increase overall. this turns your 36k hit into a 51k hit (this is how math works by the way)

The rough rider shield (that has a capacity of 0) is considered as NEITHER “full” and is NEVER considered “depleted”
I tested this while trying to figureall this out
I have a roid rough rider with 80% melee damage while depleted, and another one with 10% movespeed while depleted, both actually DO NOT work.
I reloged several times just to make sure.
so I tested in on zane with his freeze cooldown reset thing, at it actually just recharges health or grants you cd reset (but we already knew that from some videos)
so yeah, its NOT FULL AND NOT DEPLETED. there fore you will never get 80% melee from this!

EDIT: there is actually a bandaid fix you can do, you just need a relic with flat shield on it, this WILL make the roughrider be depleted, since you have ~1400 shield that just can never be regenerated.

Phaseslam augment:
so as I said I have a annoited brawler for 200% increased melee damage after phase slam, and it DOES work as intended, adding 200% base melee damage. which is pretty nice! it last for about 8 seconds.
BUT! what if we also have a gun with the same annointed you might ask? Well…
Sadly they DO NOT stack! I traded for a really nice gun just to test this… BUT it does not stack, you only get 200% no metter how much augments you have… also if it is on your gun you DO need to actually hold the gun the whole time for the increase!
SO TL;DR: you only want ONE phaseslam melee augment on your build, preferably on the shield so you have more weapon freedom!
(phaseslam augment for 300% weapon damage however DOES stack with it :wink: so get this on your face puncher right now for all the damage you ever need!)
I am happy if you want to gift me one for all my research :smiley: (I can also trade you a facepuncher with melee phaseslam, since it IS better if you only have one :P)

there are surprisingly 3 options here,
-Dragon is some nice CC everytime you kill an enemy if you phaselock enemys around you or pull them together, nice if you want survivability or are in group play, does not give damage though.
-Nimbus of all mods is actuall a good chunk of damage increase IF you can get a +5 to tempest, because remember this is a multiplicative increase! i have a +4 with 50% melee damage and it actually ever so slightly does more damage then the “best” class mod for us, which is:
-Breaker. it just gives you flat 100% increased damage and some nice survivability, and as mentioned before the damage increase works just fine, you can roll 50% melee damage as an affix, I only have one with 31% cooldown right now. but it should be Best in slot then.

Now for Relics, the shocker for me personally:
I wanted to play melee in this game ever since a saw a 75% melee lifesteal relic. yes! never die again!.. and yes, it works… you will never die again. BUT… you might want to try NOT use it… (although I still will)
you know thos relics that “just” gives you 80% damage as any element? yes? well good, because it is MULTIPLICATIVE… what ever damage we have talked about so far, all the damage you already deal… well you will deal an EXTRA 80% of that… and that quite frankly is INSANE damage boost…

as for the legendary affixes there are 2 to look at:

white elefant:
30% chance to attach a sticky bomb
this will by chance attach a bomb to the enemy that will explode for INSANE abnormal damage, it does maybe like 2-4 times the damage you did with you melee attack, I have seen it proc for me for over 150k damage! ^^ ( they do explode in a random element as well)
and it is hilariously fun with the face puncher, as EACH pallet has a chance to attach a bomb (but they only explode for the damage of one bullet) so if we say it deals about 300% of all your damage and proccs a third of the time, this will basically increase all of your DPS by about 100% total! which is ridiculous!
BUT, it is not reliable, and it CAN feel slow, since the bombs take about 1,5 seconds before they explode, so basically if you shoot an enemy with a face puncher, shoot him to half health, and then it should explode after 1,5k doing the other half.
AND it does not refrech blitz if the blitz attack attaches a bomb and only the bomb kills the enemy… so it is not ideal for a “one shot” build and more so good for DPS (damage per second)

alternatively we have: Commander planetoid:
69% (hehe) random elemental damage on each melee attack!
this striked me as hard as the flat bonus damage on a relic… because yes… this is MULTIPLICATIVE too!.. holy sh-ite Rakkman… so if you have something like this:
you will actually deal 149%(165% in my case) MORE damage MULTIPLIED to EVERYTHING we have talked before this point. (ofcourse resitences will still apply, so not actually 149%)
IF you have a fire augment on your action skill and the random element is maybe shock, you will hit an enemy for 50k Fire damage, 40k Radiation damage and 34k Shock damage
this is just a quick screen I took right now for demonstration
but as you can see, still not enough to one shot a badass…

STILL if you want to go for a one shot build you HAVE to use this combination of elemental relic with commander planetoid.
I am using a lifesteal+grenade relic right now… because the one shot build just does not do enough damage…
but I think to have the best of both world you want a lifesteal+commander planetoid relic, which I do not own and therefore could not test.

WELL never mind that talk about relics and especially the elemental boost relic… just forget about using a 80% relic for normal mobbing… yes it is still the best option for the blitz mechanic to get it back… BUT you know what is better than doubling all your damage?
well… TENFOLD YOUR DAMAGE!.. thanks to the comments I found out that there is a legendary relic called

unleash the dragon (you can get it from a rare mob right at the start of jakobs estate):
I don’t know if it works as intented, but it applys a burn to the enemy at 100% chance that literally burns for the melee damage you first dealt to it with EACH (let me emphasise this…) EACH! individual tick! so if you hit an enemy for 39k there will then be a dot applied to the enemy that ticks for 39k damage every half second or so… and it does so for about 5-6 seconds without me even having points in the “Anima” skill so this more then tenfolds the damage actually… and well yeah… this is unbelivable strong… in a good way.

you can even easily one hit chubacabrath with it… probably could one shot 2-3 of them with one hit.

BUT ofcourse it does have downsides too…
-first of all, you obviously dont have lifesteal… so you CAN be downed, but as long as there is an enemy there you will also get back up

-and although the damage is rediculous, the dot can only be applied ONCE, meaning that if on graveward for example, where you can’t really one shot him, it might just not be the best option, because all followup hits after the dot is applied do not tenfold your damage over and over and just do a normal hit (which is weaker that using other relics) so for dps in a fight with a really high health target, it is NOT necessarily the best in slot.

-some fire immune badasses or annoited complete counter this relic as they are status immune and therefore this relic will basically be as if you have no relic at all vs them.
so you either need to change your relic on the fly or just switch to a weapon that can deal with them.

-also it is really not that good to use with the face puncher, because it only applys a dot from a single source, only a dot from a single tiny pallet from this shoutgun is applied, ticking for around 2k each tick… which is still nice, but not even nearly as good a grenades or flat added elemental damage.
but if you just want to punch things, this relic is for you!

For skill interactions with unleash the dragon:
Anima DOES work and makes the dot EVEN STRONGER than your melee hit by 20% multiplicative and also increases the duration to over 10 seconds! so it deals TWENTY TIMES! as much as damage as the inital hit. this so far as I can tell is complete overkill! BUT maybe it is good to go for if your damage gear and setup is still lacking… I have yet to find a normal enemy I can not one shot.
Wildfire DOES work with it and spreads the 50k dot to a nearby enemy, funny but not worth the points
Catharsis, expoles, but for tiny damage
Conflux does aplly a dot, but a really tiny one and is super bad

when meleeing a frozen enemy (not chilled) the enemy will take three times as much damage. thats 300% damage you would usually. this obviously sounds extremly strong, and itis! but I have not found a good way to freeze that is not clunky to play. I only use hex cryo for that.

yeah… I think this is it for now!

TL;DR and what we have learned:
use a braweler shield
use a weapon with a melee attachment (facepuncher obviously)
get exactly ONE phaseslam melee augment, more does nothing.
and try to get melee damage as a affix everywhere.
as far as diveristy goes:
go play a blitz build with an elemental damage planetoid relic if you want to one shot in mayhem 1
or go for a safe melee dps build with a lifesteal grenade relic build if you want a DPS build in Mayhem 3
or just equip unleash the dragon and really melee everything to death with your fists and burn them (krieg would be proud!)

PLEASE let me know if this was helpful, since it was ALOT of work and even took me 2 hours to write this all .
let me know if I forgot something, got something wrong or if you at least enjoyed this compiled information! :slight_smile:
good hunting vault hunters, and dont forget to like, comment and have fun!


good one. have you tested if mindfulness is a hindrance to your brawler shield? best relic for fleshy area is still the dragon though since the dots scale to your melee damage.

I am currently building a hybrid melee-ties that bind amara build, and I am foregoing in taking blitz in favor of the fist of the element tree. i got a dragon class mod due to remnant. brawler, artifact i switch between dragon for mobs and lifesteal for boss and triple health bar enemies (but i might check the white elephant).


@nat_zero_six yes, sadly mindfulness is a hindrance… but as of guardian ranks it is by far not the biggest problem here… because of “shield reboot” in the survivor tree your brawler shield damage will be gone every single kill… and this is the main HUGE problem right now… I am not sad to loose it, as I am going for dps and it will be back whenever I need it… but if you want to one shot people, this SUCKS ass… We definitly need an option to turn guardian rank talents off.

I did not drop a single dragon relic yet… so I could not test it. will update if I can get one… but I just figured, since dots are bad in this game, this will be bad too… so yeah. But Ill give it a go if I can try it somehow


good thing i don’t use guardian ranks.

The rough rider shield (that has a capacity of 0) is considered as always “full” and is NEVER considered “depleted”
I tested this while trying to figureall this out
I have a roid rough rider with 80% melee damage while depleted, and another one with 10% movespeed while depleted, both actually DO NOT work.
I reloged several times just to make sure.
so I tested in on zane with his freeze cooldown reset thing, at it actually just recharges health or grants you cd reset (but we already knew that from some videos)
so yeah, its FULL not DEPLETED. there fore you will never get 80% melee from this!

This is kinda odd. Just yesterday I tested Rough Rider if it works as always full for the Guardian trait that gives you increased CDR with full shields and it didn’t.

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you are right! I tested this too a couple of days ago, I forgot… well maybe it is neither full nor depleted? and zane just ignores it?

is there another way to test it if it is “full”??

maybe it is bugged after all

So that’s why I was doing so well with the 80% cryo melee damage relic. It was multiplicative.

That also makes sense why action skill relics were seeming to provide greater benefit than skills that supposedly provided the same buff percentage.

Thanks for the numbers!

From my testing, It seems the phaseslam augment stacks with melee damage increase after action skill augment. can anyone confirm? Although the latter augment is only 100% bonus and might not be worth it .

Also, are phaseslam augments work only on the default action skill and not its variants, e.g. Fracture?

Not related, but is the Brawler Ward an exclusive drop from the Graveward? I keep farming this boss for more anointed to test, and it’s a bit boring now XD.

That’s right, the identical augments don’t stack but the 100% increase after action skill end does stack.

Rough rider acts like you don’t have a shield, so actually neither full nor depleted nor recharging.

Also—there is interestingly no mention of unleash the dragon. Have you tried that relic? From videos it appears to not only do crazy damage but also the ignite does even more damage per second.

Try the relic before making a statement like that lol… the dots on release the dragon does the exact same damage as your original melee hit. If you hit them for 30k the dot does 30k per second.

definitly need to try it then, sadly it does not seem to drop for me, I maybe had one once… and ass most of these are pretty bad, I just discarded the idea entirely, but it does sound quite good

I have a few gameplay vids of it in action on my build post here if you wanted to see it’s damage.

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ohhh it is not even a modifier but a whole relic! okay I have NEVER even seen this… can you target farm it?

It drops from El Dragon Jr at the Jakobs Estate, but since the drop rate nerf it’s very hard to get one unfortunately…

I see I found a video, thanks, I will try and get, and then upade accordingly :slight_smile:

sorry I did not know of its existence, i thought is was a modifier on a relic, I thought I saw somwthing that say “fires a homing incendary projectile” I though you all meant this. so yeah, I will farm it and test it

WELL… F me… this relic is insane… holy maccaroni

Yep, with status buffs in amara’s tree, the tick damage does more damage than the melee itself. I’ve definitely seen videos of Amara meleeing for 39k and then the fire ticks for 56k/second. Just try to punch each enemy once and voila.

…in other news, still trying to get it to drop. If you have one…send me your save :wink:

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just updated. will do further testing.

So the extra damage you were talking about with it equipped was probably the elemental bonus from a mayhem modifier. The only weakness it has of course is anointed enemies immune to dot’s and armored bosses/enemies. It shreds through shields surprisingly well so 1 punch it all it takes to kill 95% of the enemies in the game.

I actually ran through killing every boss last night with no weapons to test the best setups for melee only runs and only armored bosses needed me to change my relic and element, everything else melted even without the elemental modifier. Graveward was the only exception because he takes reduced dot damage apparently? even with 70% extra elemental damage the dot was only doing 36k per tick.

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