Actual Amara Melee Number Statistics! (what does increase the damage, and what does not)

I’m on PC

Well your character must be the only
One in th borderlands 3 universe where it does. It hasn’t for every single person that’s tested it here and on Reddit

this is super weird… I am just testing right now… and there seem to be some REALLY weird interactions going on regarding respecing, relogging, and actual character reseting.
im testing on tvhm no mayhem right now just to always have the same numbers…
it DID increase all my melee damage for a second there, even after I relog. but what ACTUALLY cahnges the values is if you load another character and then back to amara, the damage will be lower again…

first conclusion: there is a weird bug with respecing an relogging that keeps your stats on your character even if you dont havfe them anymore…

will do more testing

okay so, I did several diffrent techniques now, respect for a total of about 50 million bucks, and the most results I got where that Blitz DOES in fact increase all melee damage…

To be honest I really can’t tell you or figured out how and when it works and when it doesn’t and I also don’t know what makes it change in regards to reloging and character switching… but it always seems to change the numbers constantly the more factors you put in…

sometime it did not add damage sometimes it did… but after reloging, euqiping and unequiping weapons, respecing reloging a normal hit with just blitz does do in fact deal 2819 damage to a level 50 skag, which is double the normal ~1400 damage hit a unspect amara does…

so for some tester getting diffrent results it seems they just tested it like I did and did not see a change immeditaly, and even after relogging did not see a change, because sometime you have to completly reload a character (by switching to another) to really see the end results…

it is pretty safe to say blitz DOES increas base melee damage by another 100%!

Okay, let me explain my observations in detail. Unless I’ve got a different game than everyone else (which I doubt), this is what I found how it works. I’ve spent a lot of time keeping statistics and calculating and testing (I’m a Wiki contributor) to figure out the exact formulae for melee and Blitz at any level and then spent a lot of time testing if they accurately predict what’s happening in the game. I wouldn’t be so confident if it didn’t.

Note: Mayhem bonuses do all sorts of funny things to this which I haven’t really looked into yet. But when there’s no mayhem bonus that applies here (like melee or skill damage bonuses) it’s the same as in non-mayhem, just tested it and it works–specifically, Blitz’s +100% melee damage still works when it’s on cooldown. So…

This particular test is in TVHM without any enhancing gear or skills other than Blitz to keep it simple. I’ve tested my formulae with more complex setups and it’s always worked so far. Sadly I’ve got +2.8% melee damage from Guardian Ranks because I didn’t think about it first, soon realising that it’s a complete waste to spend them on melee. But incorporating them here should show if the formulae are correct.

Base melee damage is 18 * 1.09^level, that’s 1338 on level 50.
Total melee damage is BaseMeleeDMG * (100% + additive bonuses) * multiplicative bonuses.

Blitz does three things:

+100% damage (you say only when procced, I say always)

Multiplicative (only when procced):
A) converts damage to element, I’m using shock against skags in TVHM here, that’s *0.65
B) additional multiplicative damage bonus (not mentioned in game): *(75% + 1.5% * level)


A) Without any melee enhancing skill:
18 * 1.09^50 * (100% + 2.8%) = 1375.9
If Blitz doesn’t do +100% on cooldown as you said, it should be the same value in that situation.

B) With Blitz unlocked but on cooldown according to my logic:
18 * 1.09^50 * (100% + 100% + 2.8%) = 2714.3

C) With Blitz procced:
18 * 1.09^50 * (100% + 100% + 2.8%) * 0.65 * (75% + 1.5% * 50) = 2646.49

Test results in game:
No Blitz unlocked: 1376
Blitz unlocked but on cooldown: 2714
Blitz procced: 2646

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Blitz ‘updated’: Blitz DOES add another 100% base melee damage (there are some bugs at the moment where you might not see a change immediatly, leading me and many others to believe it only worked on the charging attack) so you might want to not only relog, but switch to a new character for just a moment and go back to amara to apply this properly (it is enough if you just click on “continue” in the menu " load character" and just click on another character and then click amara again, this will RELOAD the amara save file and will reapply all damage increases as it is intended

@DocStrangelove thank you for bringing this up and doing testing yourself, I updated the thread.


This is not what i’m seeing. Blitz melee dashes for me almost always 1 shot mobs and put a fat Unleash the Dragon DoT up. Enough to kill bosses. Subsequent melee attacks while it’s on cooldown are not nearly as powerful. A non-Blitz melee Unleash the Dragon DoT does not kill a boss.

Have you taken into consideration in your testing that Blitz is an elemental attack, and TVHM has serious elemental penalties and buffs depending on the target? It could skew the testing. Melees without points in Blitz (or Illuminated fist) are physical.

I’m getting consistent 14k Blitz attacks and 8k melees. Both with “Find your Center” up.

It also does not add any damage to face-puncher.

Also, sometimes, Blitz can bug out and you get the extra 100% increased damage and range for a few melees without the animation.

As can be seen when reading my post, yes I did.

Let’s say you’re fighting a flesh boss with Soulfire (fire against flesh = x1.75 on TVHM). If you’ve got Illuminated Fist, all your melee attacks deal fire damage–if you don’t, only Blitz attacks deal fire damage.

With both Illuminated Fist and Blitz, Blitz will do x1.5 damage (multiplicative) when procced on level 50. Without Illuminated Fist, it will do x2.625 compared to the physical damage on cooldown–even without counting IF’s +75% additive bonus, which widens the gap even more.

In my example, using fire instead of shock, damage with fire Blitz would be 7125 compared to the physical 2714 on cooldown. And those 2714 already include Blitz’s +100% melee damage.

Note that gear–especially artifacts–and mayhem bonuses can change the exact numbers.

So shock is best element for melee?

No, I don’t know where that comes from. Shock is best against shields. I randomly used shock in my example because for seeing if the formulae work it doesn’t matter what element you use. Shock is always ■■■■ against flesh or armour.

Yeah, this kind of snapshotting seems to apply to a lot of skills and their bonuses. I found out about it when I crunched some numbers on cooldown reduction. I was able to have an action skill cooldown of 2 seconds that only reset to normal levels when I swapped characters or completely restarted BL3.

A couple things from my testing:

The buttplug at 110% melee seems to do more damage than a 120% weapon and by a significant amount IIRC (like 25%). When I did the testing, it was only comparing those two weapons with no other bonuses. Maybe that 25% difference doesn’t matter much if it’s part of ~300% total… or maybe it has some hidden bonus later in the calculation… worth testing further. Also, the buttplug can crit from behind, while I don’t think any other melee weapon can crit. Usually not hard against tougher enemies and bosses to get at least a few backstabs in.

For elemental damage relic vs. melee bonus, I did a quick test at one point and the damage difference between a ~130% elemental damage bonus and an 80% melee bonus didn’t seem to be much. Probably someone could do a more rigorous test. BTW, the Sellout is an excellent gun to proc multiple DOTs on Amara for both this damage bonus and stacking Mindfulness for that super speed (which should not be underrated to close the gap to enemies). Put the gun in corrosive mode, put a point in Infusion to convert damage to a second element (fire or shock), and max out Anima to keep the DOTs on you a long time. Once the shield is broken, the DOTs will keep it from recharging for 12+ seconds. And a Sellout from normal mode has low damage DOTs, so not much fear of killing yourself. Edit: I should mention that the reason for two DOTs is that it will stack Mindfulness that much faster. And this trick isn’t just good for killing, moving fast can make farming much quicker as well. :slight_smile:

This was useful thank you.

Have you all considered that Illuminated Fist changes Amara’s damage type to her Action Skill Element and thus is affected by all Action Skill Damage increases?

@Xquizyt action skill damage does NOT increase melee damage… only all melee damage is converted into the same element as you currently have on your action skill…

@Gentlemann have you tested it?

there is absolutly no reason to believe this, what ever you are reading, you might just understand it wrong. but yes of course, you can test it youself, there is a skill that says "after you use a melee attack you action skill deals 75% or whatever number more damage… and obviously your second melee attack does not deal more damage. ^^
you are just misundersatnding something here.

Thanks for testing done in this thread. Quick question: although unlikely any enemy is at risk of surviving long enough for this to be practical, anyone tested the melee damage increase against frozen targets? If Anointed mobs ever become freezeable, this would be great.

Frozen targets take 3x melee damage. I love cryo shotguns for my Brawl Amara.

I use a Cryo Hex and it freezes enemies pretty damn quick, I can hit up to 400k on a frozen enemy and up to 1.2 mill with my 300% damage after Phaseslam anointed Facepuncher since the 300% is multiplicative with the melee bonuses the facepuncher gets.