Actual Amara Melee Number Statistics! (what does increase the damage, and what does not)

updated again. :slight_smile:

Very interesting read! Thanks for taking the time to do all the testing! Gonna try and farm up an Unleash the Dragon relic now. :slight_smile:

Great post, very useful!

I have noticed an interesting interaction/bug playing my melee Amara;

I have been using a relic with life steal and ‘static charge’ and it seems to apply the lightning effect to every shot of the face puncher. The relic says it adds 50% shock damage to your next melee after sliding, but seems to do it all the time to the face puncher.

This makes the face puncher do insane dps (to the point it’s more effective than melee) and also chains the shock effect to other enemies! I have completely wiped out all the minions in a room just shooting at a boss.

Would be great if someone else could test to confirm… I’m not in game right now but it’s called something like a “knife drain static charge” relic.

I can confirm this, face puncher does actually NOT “consume” the charge, weirdly enough it now completly bugged out for me… after I shot a couple of times, my melee would no longer consume it too… so you can shoot for 50% multiplicative shock damage all the time and also punch. its pretty funny, but since it is “only” 50% added damage, while planetoid still gives you 69%, or grenade even more, it is not THAT useful overall, SO basically you do slightly less damage, but you aoe for a couple thousand damage.
and if this is a bug and gets fixed, you basically completly have to give up your melee attack or slide after every melee attack, but for now it is a neat looking thing. :smiley:

I kind of hope it does get fixed as it causes all kinds of sound bugs for me too with the static effect constantly going off. It’s my only life steal relic currently.

I also though that the chained lightning effect was also proccing the life steal as well

I cant test that, since I dont have it on a lifesteal relic…

I just thought of something… why not try the elemental damage 183% boost relic for melee. Setting yourself on fire should increase melee damage if your using soulfire and illuminated fist right? And thanks to anima that lasts forever

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What’s a life steal melee relic? Don’t think I have ever seen one. But good looking out to the OP for this thread because I’ve been running melee Amara and I was confused on how all this works. I was stacking so many Anointed melee weapon bonuses for nothing.

What’s the best build for melee? I’ve been running something similar to Arekkz melee build. For gear I got the Face Puncher, Butt Plug, Ward shield, Elemental Boost Relic that gives 25% extra melee and a Phasezerker Mod. I also have a anointed weapon that gives 200%-300% melee damage after a slam. I really wanna make melee Amara work since it’s the most fun way to play her to me.

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@DP_Unkemptharold I tried this, for gunfire, and for melee, it really isn’t worth the effort… you get like 20%-50% more damage when you are on fire… and although there are ways to set yourself on fire it takes time effort and is just flat out unreliable, YES it works, but it is janky af, so yeah just dont do that.
its nice to have though for an elemental build using either pain is power or embrace the pain, as both set you on fire automatically

So i’ve been bored the last few hours and just farmed El Dragon Jr for the Unleashed Dragon Relic.
He’s a rare spawn at Jakobs Estate. There is a New-U Station on the cliff above the waterfall where he spawns in. I dont know exactly when i started but i ran him for about 1 1/2 to 2 hrs and at some point i decided to take some rudimentary data. which i did for about 110 reloads which i omitted the first 15 entries because of getting used to using my stopwatch and figuring out how i should record it without slowing me down.

So here’s what i gathered from the 95 entries im convinced is conclusive:
He spawned on 39 of 95 reloads, which suggests a spawnrate of 41% ± statistical errors.
It took me round about 27-28s per load in where he didnt spawn and a bit above 31s for every spawn. Out of that time i approximately took ~17 seconds navigating menu and staring at the loading screen. Didnt record it but thats usually what i saw staring at my stopwatch while waiting for the loading to be over.

Now to the dropdata:
I dropped a total of 5 Unleashed Dragons in the total time i ran him. The first one at my fifth kill. The other 4 drops happened in the 95 runs i recorded. I also dropped 1 other Artifact which i threw away so dont know anymore what it was and 1 Deep Nebula skin.

It seems like the Unleashed Dragon can drop with 2 of this 3 mods on it:
25% Melee Damage
16% Incindiary Damage
29% Incindiary Resistance

I got 3 with Melee and Incin Damage.
This was done on Mayhem 3 TVHM PC with hotfixes.
So basically i now have 3-4 Unleashed dragons to give away on pc if anyone wants those.


Are you sure about your damage numbers? That same relic is what Amara players have been using to beat graveward and other bosses in record times faster than fl4k.
It’s definitely a lot more than 50%.

Low level sellout or an epicenter makes it easy to be set on fire and anima makes your duration extremely long

Here’s an example video:

Edit: quote was for Gentleman accidently whored wrong person (same avatars)

Fifth!? It dropped on my 40th kill, at least…NVHM M3 with the luck relic too. @DankRafft I think attested to more. I’ll DM you for a melee one-- really trying to get this build to work.

Yeah, I was on my 158th El Dragon Jr. run (TVHM M3) when the artifact droppped the first time.

Uhm, it does

No it doesn’t. It’s only on Blitz procs so Gentleman is right

@DP_Unkemptharold my numbers refered to melee compared to the other melee relics, so yes I am sure about the numbers for what my variables where :slight_smile:

to elaborate: a planeoid melee elemental relic gives 149% elemental damage, and this gives 183% + maybe planetoid= 252%
so another 100% more in numbers to your already 200%, so since you double your damage with both, and than the status elemental relic adds another 100% on that, it is “only” a 50% increase in total, which is still insane, dont get me wrong… but I dont want to jump through another hoop constantly finding ways to set myself on fire… just to do 75k instead of 50k

also I would recommend a high level epicenter, since it also gets rid of your shield, and that is how I tested it.

Yes it does. The +100% applies to all melee attacks even when Blitz is on cooldown. Absolutely definitely. I even just tried it again, and yes it still does.

@DocStrangelove which platform are you on? I just tested again, and it does NOT apply for me.

I’m on PC

Well your character must be the only
One in th borderlands 3 universe where it does. It hasn’t for every single person that’s tested it here and on Reddit