Actual Amara Melee Number Statistics! (what does increase the damage, and what does not)

@mikerushton I can’t confirm nor deny, as I am still in need of one to test it… but from what people say it seems to work…

because I certainly cant hit for 1.2 million damage…

I was in disbelieve, too, when I first read that. As it turns out, I am lucky enough to have a Face-puncher with +300% after Phaseslam. And indeed, it does work. It’s weird because none of Amara’s weapon related skills increase the damage of Face-puncher (Personal Space, Jab Cross, Samsara, Wrath (I think, did not test that one), not sure about Forceful Expression). On the other hand, their wording is different. Jab Cross, Samsara and Wrath explicitly mention “Gun Damage” and Personal Space talks about “Bonus Damage” added to “weapon shots”.

So yeah, it is a bit weird, but +300% Weapon Damage after Phaseslam does apply to the Face-puncher.

Do you know if the x14 variation does more damage than the x7?

well obviously it does more damage per click, thats how “redudant” suffix work, but dont forget that it also consume 2 ammo while not dealing 100% more damage, the damage per pallet is always slightly lower, so it does less damage per magazine, and for a gun like facepuncher I like to have more shots before reloading.

not quite… each pallet scales with melee, its actually pretty simple, each source of melee damage will be added to each pallet individually, so since the damage per pallet on a redundant gun is lower, the added bonuses will also be lower, so the diffrence on the facepuncher isn’t quite as noticable compared to other guns, that why it is not as good, same goes for the stickys, yes they are applied more frequently, but they also do less damage since their damage is tied to the pallet damage.

(200x7, 127x14), I’d expect a damage increase of 27% ((127x14) / (200x7) = 1.27).

this is exactly what I mean and what you will see as a result yes, you are absolutly correct.
and yes as I said, it is not worth it. ^^
also the pallet spread is higher, which again makes it worse atlonger ranges

Wrath, jab cross and samsara does boost facepunchers damage. As well as dread.

Personal space and forceful expression does not.

Gun damage guardian ranks doesn’t but melee guardian rank does. Not familiar with the rules on this forum but if I’m allowed I can just link the topic on Reddit where someone did extensive testing.

Only thing we couldn’t get confirmation on were the phaseslam 300% and phasecast 250% since he couldn’t get one but you guys confirmed that works.

I would personally say it’s worth it if you get +40% mag size on a White Elephant relic for the crazy amount of sticky bombs you’re putting on.

Do you know if +31% shotgun damage from classmods applies to the Facepuncher, also if possible PM me the link to Reddit.

@anon61397807 many forums don’t allow it as it can be seen as advertising. Here’s the link


Just tested shotgun damage on classmods and it sadly doesn’t affect the facepuncher, however weapon damage does affect it, I now to see if I get a higher dps with fire rate or weapon damage.

To provide numbers, my facepuncher was hitting 8336-10k damage to skags after using the shotgun damage classmod the numbers would be the same, after using the weapon damage classmod the damage went from 8336-10k to 10k-12k or about a 25% damage increase just like the item card says.

Are you sure that it doesn’t ?

Yes I’ve posted tested data in the thread to look at… you just ignored that stuff?

Are you one xbox

No just making sure because I gotta change my build if hard the case

For weapon damage are you able to test with phasezerker? If that works with buffing facepuncher it might actually be better than the breaker mod in many cases. The cooldown reduction is too invaluable imo
They built the brawl tree on skills that activate when you use your action skills and then give those skills insanely long cooldowns it’s so frustrating.

I have my stuff annointed for most part and since I was just told that redundant isnt that much stronger also u need a weapon damage on your face puncher cause melee won’t stack with the brawler this is pretty much one best relics you can have while it give u randoms effect it also give u life steal other build rely on trees affect but if you use this you can just keep shooting away

Did u test and see if the melee part affects it is n class mods?
Also I’m about to do some testing so if you guy have anything u want test tell me

Amara face punch testing
Infusion works
Melee and weapon dmg sub stats on relics work
Anima works
Tempest works
Illuminated fist works
Catharsis works
conflux works
Personal space don’t
Samsara doesn’t work
Find your center works
Job cross don’t work

So basically everything but gun damage works tbh this should max out u have on your build because you more specific also allow more life drain and Regen so maybe u won’t need the relic I got

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