Actual Amara Melee Number Statistics! (what does increase the damage, and what does not)

didn’t see any mentions of freezing enemy for HIDEOUS extra damage. Might have overlooked it, as my eyes don’t like reading text off screens.

I was doing a simple build guide and using just a pistol with 40% melee, i was hitting over 100k with very simple gear and no anointed stuff. also good for slowing enemy.

i really wish Gearbox would add a COLD Action Skill augment in Amara’s tree.

well there also is shooting star now apperently…

yeah it works… at least on treeboi

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@DaRTH_FuRioN well same as for the self ignite elemental boost thing. I haven’t found a convinient way to freeze… I use cryo hex, and that is about it… freezing enemys is way to clunky for me, when you can just punch them.
also I have found no use where you would want to freeze anyone where you could need 3x damage…

could be usefull on annointeds… but they are freeze immune… so yeah

Did u use unleash the dragon % of some type of melee buff for that cause it wasn’t brawler ward was it

@randyberry187 Sorry I don’t undersatnd the question. are you refering to the video?
I am using the Shooting star in it, it is a shield that is currently bugged, it is suppose to spawn projectiles on melee hits, but normally they dont appear, well they do, but they spawn like 100 meters below the surface… luckily treeboi here is a 100 meters tall, so they DO hit him right at the bottom.
I am just shooting him with a reduntant facepuncher to proc 14 of those projectiles at once ^^
and ofcourse all the melee damage I can get (because these projectiles seem to scale with it ,cant really test that because of the bug) but the results seem to prove this.

I also tested this and you are correct, it applied to every facepuncher shot.

So I got a face puncher with 25% crit damage after action skill annointment but that Reddit test says face puncher cannot crit.

So why did they make it possible to have that annointment on a gun that can’t crit?

I’ve gone offline where all of my melee damage that isn’t working online right now actually works and i can punch for 3 mill i go online and LOSE all of it so i don’t really believe that most of her melee damage is working as inteded because it’s just simply not. I get screwed for mad damage as soon as i go online. I got from 1 shotting enemies everywhere to i can’t even one shot a skag. Not to mention when you go online you lose you find your centre bonuses completley you don’t even get your fists with extra range. I lose an immense amount of damage as soon as i switch my game from offline to online.


I’m Lord I’m c mmmm. G. This abosuletly is godly farm mother of dragon facepuncher 1 shots her due to her lore and melee dmg

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Not sure why but I do more damage offline too

@Boltens yes, the hotfixes are only applied when you are online, so offline is still a place where balance is totally diffrent and so are numbers, some thing work, and some don’t, and not all is noted in the hotfix notes.
so most things do more damage offline


Level 50 Mayhem Mode off, no skill points.

Level 50 Mayhem Mode Off, 1 Point in Find Your Center

Can someone help me with this. That doesn’t look like a 100% increase in damage.


Guardian Rank? And you didn’t mention if you were gear-less.

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100% Gearless.

Guardian Rank Melee bonus is 11.46 but I was under the impression Guardian ranks are currently broken.

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Only the rewards (perks) are broken, the ranks work.

In your example:

18 × 1.0950 × (100% + 11.46%) = 1491.8
18 × 1.0950 × (100% + 100% + 11.46%) = 2830.3


more melee numbers please. (so i will not do test myself, lol).

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