Actual Luck stat on loaded dice relic?

Anyone have a concrete answer? Or at least, a general idea of just how strong the boost is? I had another legendary relic with +13 to luck and the two seem to work at a similar level (at least as far as I can tell off farming 1 boss).
Or, Gearbox, you can put the actual percentage on the item card.


Same here, I had one that drops health 75percent but says it gives you alot of luck.

What percentage is alot? I havent noticed any huge difference using it. Wonder if it got ninja nerfed with the loot being nerfed.

I got less luck with loaded dice so i chaged to 12.67 artifact instead and boom! Back to geting legs on Bosses again…

I’d like to know this too, but it does let me pull legendary’s outta my arse with the lootdice.

On Saturday we played Troy on a friends vault hunter mode campaign I was the only one wearing it, they pulled nothing, I got 5 legendary weapons lol.

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Yeah same here I have both relics. One gives me 12.65 extra luck or something and the one that takes 75% off my health but gives me a lot of luck. I tend to use the 12.65 one as running around with under 2k health on TVHM on Mayhem 2 kind of sucks.

You should try mayhem 3 :joy: your more dead than alive…

Yeah tried it, that’s why I switched to Mayhem 2 lol.

It’s been nothing but bad for me. I was getting legendarys left and right from farming bosses. That all stopped the second I put it on.

I play with my brother on splitscreen and I feel like it was affecting him not me. We farmed the floating guy like 30 plus times. I was getting no Legendary and he was pulling 4 Legendary drops, three Legendary drops ever so often, nearly 1 to 2 Legendarys per run.

Meanwhile I’m over here with nothing but purples dropping, still using the same gun from 12 levels ago. Getting a legendary maybe once every 5 runs.

If I had to go off my experience with the relic I’d say it’s a troll item that actually lowers your luck.


What level were you when you first got the relic? I have a feeling when it says “tremendously raises luck” it means like 5% (and it stays at 5% on all levels) when similar level relics can be 10-12%

Please Gearbox, list an actual number or percentage. Borderlands is all about that math.


Between 40 and 43 if I’m remembering correctly. I leveled several times farming so I don’t recall the level.

The Relic either doesn’t work the way we think it does or it’s very much broken. I can safely report that all drops, not just legendaries, were way down. Ran Grave for a couple hours with it. The moment I took it off, everything started dropping like normal.

Numbers or an explanation of mechanics/brokeness is sorely needed.

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Im constantly running around with a dice relic that also has a +12 or whatever luck. Results are pretty good, not sure from which boost tho.

So I’ve been playing and it has to do with something either being near death or in fight for your life… I keeped getting downed in circle of slaughter and every enemy that I killed started dropping legendaries… Excpecially playing as amara when I died but right before it fades the enemies died I hear the legendary drop


Interesting. Sounds like a good starting point.

I have a +16 luck relic

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I have a Loaded dice and something is definitely up.

I killed Kaga tons of times half with it on half with a relic that just increased the 12.67 not a loaded.

The half without the loaded dice dropped many more multiple legendary at a time (could just be my personal luck of course).

I even used it in mh3 mob busting and notice no real change on trash drop rates.

In my experience any relic that has the naked luck modifier seems to help farm more than whatever loaded dice is meant to give.

I have a loaded dice WITH the extra 12.67 on it also and again the results were no noticeably better than just wearing the 12.67 relic.

Not an extensive test by any means, but I have obviously farmed many other bosses switching it in and out of course trying to gauge its impact, and enough to convince me its not working quite right at the moment.

EDITED to make sense lol

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I wanted to add to this:

I have used this relic to farm chests in the game.
There were two occurrences of the same event that were notable to me:
I used this to burn my skeleton keys before logging off one night and I got rather rare legendaries from the chest. The interesting part was that the two times I got those rare legendaries, they were accompanied by grey items… from a skeleton chest…

My theory is that there’s a loot score total that gets distributed between the 5-8 items, and the +luck modifies the %chance of higher rarity items and/or the potential weight of rarity an item will use, leaving less for the remaning 4-7.

It made sense to me, given that the most common combination I received was all epics / better epics with a blue / 1 (crap) legendary with decent epics.

My analysis:

  • No Loaded Dice:
    Normal loot drops, a lot of greens, blues and a few epics, every 5-8th white chests has a legendary.

  • Loaded Dice without +12.67 Luck:
    A lot of decent Epics and a few Legendary drops here and there, every 5-8th white chests has a legendary.

  • Loaded Dice with +12.67 Luck:
    Badasses suddenly drop whites, Epics frequency suddenly low, white chests have less epics, but still every 5-8th chests has a legendary.

What’s interesting is that, at least for me, white chests drop way and I mean really way more legendary than red chests and that independent of loaded dice or anything, while red chests almost never have legendaries. Bug?

It also seems that loaded dice alone is better than one with a additional +12.67 luck, perhaps that stat then overflows then and becomes lower then, like if max is 100 and loaded dice gives you 90 and then +12.67 then turns it into 2.67. Also if so, better don’t put to much into luck in guardian ranks then, because while you can simply wear a loaded dice without, you can’t easily fix it if you put too much in guardian ranks.

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I’ve been playing with loaded dice constantly since hitting 50 and I have decided that the loaded dice can have effectively negative luck values… I think it depends on the seed…

As you play luck in general seems to ebb and flow, I have noticed spikes coinciding with game stages, and areas during quests…

So luck doesn’t seem to be a static number in the game engine.

But for @ least 75% of the time your luck is much much better than it should be.

For those times when your luck is naturally high, and approaching “peak luck” the loaded dice are working against you… Possibly rolling over your luck stat back around the counter like the original BL1 pearl weapons. (For anyone who doesn’t know in the original release of borderlands before the DLC it was possible to get white legendaries because the combination of a few parts was so high that it went past the maximum legendary itemscore value rolling back over to white)

Then again it’s entirely possible that the scripting of loaded dice simply has the effect of totally crap luck for a set period of time…

IOW using loaded dice is risky business.

Tldr I think there is a “maximum luck” going over it doesn’t help and in the case of loaded dice could actually hurt.


I’ve noticed that too. Could just be confirmation bias. I’ve had play sessions that took me 3 hours to find a legendary, and I’ve had times where the game seems to have eaten too many oranges and now has diarrhea.
Was also wondering if there was some kind of stack overflow going on.

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