Actual story ideas for DLC

While the last DLC was fine, I really think a lot of us would like DLC that actually add something to the story, and not an offshot “Because we’re trying a different genre”.

Just throwing a few random ideas, first by milking Bl2 characters

An argument between friends :
Some old Rivalry between Axton, Salvador and Zero about who has the more style devolve into a full blown bet, the Vault hunter get to be the judge of it. To set it up, they’ve found a planet with 3 local dictator and decide that each of them will take out one with the help of the Vault hunter, each with a different method, and you decide at the end which was the coolest.

Fiddling with her new Siren power, Ava bring us back to Pandora and end up finding … Krieg. Then we go on a joyfull revenge ride destroying the last bastion of CoV hard liner on the planet with Ava somehow being able to understand Krieg and trying to translate without puking (Might also bring some more depht to the runt)

The fire hawk churches
After the main game event, lot of bandits turned to worshipping the firehawk, like the Bl2 event, except a dozen of different churches appear, each with their own interpretation, and the B team is trying to resolve this whole mess and preserve only one, the bestest of them


DLC4 Krieg plot - he is hunting down everyone because he is so upset that Maya is d Elemental Projectors is not in Borderlands 2

Never forget that they were planning an Ava DLC

I’m not against an AVA DLC, but they’ll have to seriously develop the character

Tbh i would love a DLC based arround Ava.
Because she DESPERATELY need some character development.

we need to see more of her coping with stuff, seeing her change and understand stuff.
Hell, i don’t like Ava. i don’t think anyone does…
but GBX needs to do something about it and expand her history and lore in some way.

Lilith had the biggest character development since BL1, let’s start to give Ava the same treatment gbx, please.