Actually found a way to make green monster good

I finally gave some of the items it could be that it’s the weapon and could work with almost any build but it seems like the damage boost of green monster really helps with his build for some reason.
You need very specific items I only have some of them or alternatives to it. I’ll post what I have and what I think would make things better
What I have: class mod with hyperion crit ,SMG dmg ,fire rate. Terror ammo regen shield, terror fire rate dmg gernade, facepuncher terror on melee. Ice breaker deathless no bonuses that honestly help besides the ice breaker stuff. Redistrbuter cryo annointment is consecutive hits. Oh and my gernade is also cry mirvtacular hex.
I do a ton of damage if atleast 2 enemies are there due to redistubuters effect I freeze fast and do even more damage due to ice breaker. The corrosive damage is actually alot on this weapon build and the amped shot helps alot with being able to shoot a ton. And just the massive aoe dmg it can do.

What I would like is a corrosive redistributer with same annointment and a flesh melter deathless. And possible a green monster with same stats but shotgun dmg for bosses and use butchers instead.

You may ask why a deathless. I go for the harsh into red and green tree for massive dmg and honestly helps with survivability a bit. Phalanx doctrine helps give me tons of shield and honestly going into ffyl isnt the end of the world. Someskills can obviously be changed I was messing around with tenacious defense to see if it even worked tbh. But I think u need some health for it to get your shield back up in time not entirely sure.
I have tons of fun with this and I think this is the only current way to make it actually viable with no glitch builds or lvl 1 stop gaps or using ion cannon. Try it out if u can I’ll post video if anyone is actually interested in seeing it. But this class mod still needs major changes and buffs tbh.
VERY INPORTANT NOTE: idk if anyone has talked about it but for some reason the hex dmg counts to you shooting since the change to Tesla it counts as bullets and not grenades u can technically keep your shooting bonus if u have a hex gernade out during ur reload

You on Xbox if you are I have the redistributer your looking for

No I’m in ps4. I think atm I’m fine with bc ryo but hopefully I’ll eventually get a corrosive redist with wpn dmg per hit.
Also here is vid of the build folks I also just mad a 2nd cryo form of it without deathless where u can honestly spam way way way more grenades and possible have better survivability. Even though hex Tesla doesnt heal the gernade it throws does and it’s still quite a bit of healing.

This is deathless version