Actually guys... THANK U for creating such a great game!

I have had a really great time shlooting since the last update and dlc! Thank u very much!
I got insaaaanely lucky with drops since then! Only ten free slots in my backpack left cause everything else is packed with the most fun gear! Sooo much variety to Zane around. And because of the many mayhem levels and it’s gun scaling I reckon it’ll all stay viable through the further cap increases on one lvl or the other. I even got my fave, the Lucian’s Call, to shred now with the 50h/150 Rad annoint. For me actually no buff necessary anymore, thanks! XD (although please buff it anyway, cause the annoint + the perks on my class mod are mostly responsible for that, without that it can’t keep up with any of them best guns as it should)
First game for me that I play from release on. That’s gotta mean sth right? It’s a fascinating journey to be part of the postlaunch development/evolution of a game. I’ve never been that happily hooked and entertained. Not since Halo:Reach. Quite a different time back then…
Keep up the good work!
clap’n bow to all o yau


Much agreed ! I used to play all the time but over the last few years that has faded. This game rejuvenated that love. They did an amazing job, this game has alot of replay value !


This game is my biggest disappointment of the generation. 7 years for this.


@DigitalGhost LMAO Then why you wasting your time on such an epic disappointments game forum ?


make it great again

Sure thing

Some folks need validation for how they feel…all they know how to do is be negative…says a lot about them

I still love and enjoy this game, even through the rough patches. I’ve done playthrus with all four VHs because they were THAT much fun…if that ain’t love, I don’t know what is :laughing:


why is it negativity when you are trying to improve something?
if we all havent been so negative, maybe moze wouldnt have so much sustain now, melee attacks would be useless, pets would be useless and you would still sit in the first room of guardian takedown without ammo


I check out the forum like once a week. I do not waste much time here and definitely don’t play the game any more. I will play the final DLCs when it is out of beta testing since I already paid for them though. Friend told me the last one was good story wise, but ran so poorly with so many bugs that it was still bad.

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Tbh i understand why you hate BL3 the story is pure garbage BL1 had awesome narrative BL2 has less awesome narrative, but it made more sense than BL1 plot and BL3 story is a literally garbage especially when we talk about Gearbox pet character Ava.

BL2 was beyond anything

Yeah im happier with the dlc than the base game.

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BL1 had a narrative?

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I agree with the OP, I’m probably the biggest critic, but it is a pretty good game all things considered

The post in question simply stated disappointment, nothing of value as feedback to make the game better.

Would like to echo the ops post here as well.

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i absolootly love the game(play), but i was expecting a better balance, seeing its the “big one”, and it took 7 years, and you have all this EPIC money to work with…
Latest patches are doing well, hell yeah, but there’s still a long way to go for me to give the game a 10/10:
make ALL legendaries somewhat balanced for M10 at whatever cost, make matchmaking worth it and viable to use (too many variables to match properly now), and maybe fix Ava in a DLC or something to give her a character redemption (like claptrap made us emotional in his own DLC)

Otherwise, hell yeah, my iron bear go boom boom again, thanks, box of gears <3

Because we want a good borderlands 3. We’re not just gonna let it die. At the very least, we’re going to get a great game from modders that will step in and fix the balance mess after they’re done patching the game.

The game is good, but after they finish with all the new content, they need to start a polishing run if they don’t get it at the same time, there are more than a ton of bugs.

I only wish they were serious about cross play and not just blowing smoke with PC to PC crossplay… I want to play with my family. I’m on PC they’re on XBOX. Give me ONE good reason why I can’t play with my friends and family from my Microsoft PC to their Microsoft XBOXs!

They’ve had more than enough time to set this up and calling Steam to Epic “Cross Play” is a joke. A bad joke. EVERY multiplayer PC game has crossplay then!

I don’t disagree with the “great game” comment but I wish I could enjoy playing it. Just sad…

It would be through shift, not microsoft.