Actually Playing the Tech Test

So, are they gonna send us a link to something if we signed up? or will it be a code? Or did they already send it and I got unlucky?

It won’t start before the 29th.
E-mails have yet to be send.

It will most likely be a download code with an access token

It will most likely come in an email a day or 2 before Thursday, in which you’ll get a code to download the game on the Playstation Store, XBL Marketplace, or Steam Store.

Though there is a small chance it will be delivered via carrier pigeons in the form of 71,120 floppy disks.


I was going to ask the same question. Glad I haven’t been ruled out yet!

I just got my verification that i’m in the CTT so yay!

Did you actually get verification stating you’re in the CTT, and not the NDA?

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There’s a couple of emails involved in the process - as of 9 hours ago (the same timestamp as your post) the Battleborn twitter reported invites hadn’t been sent out yet. The second email, the NDA link, is only (perhaps) a precursor to the CTT. I think we’re all waiting with fingers crossed!

I certainly am. I haven’t been this desperate excited to play something in years.

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Also, fair warning to people now. DO NOT SAY IF YOU ARE IN THE CTT.

C’mon people, Read the NDA haha. You signed the NDA, in which you have stated that you WILL NOT be able to say you are in the CTT.

Contractually you are NOT allowed to say if you are in the CTT, and saying so may result in your CTT access being REVOKED. I am not sure how strict GBX and 2K will be about this stuff, but I really don’t want to be the guy to push it to try and find out.

Are you sure about that? The NDA only mentions that you cannot:

Capture gameplay footage
Post images
Publicly discuss the technical test on the internet

I suppose your logic is that saying you got in counts as “publicly discussing the test?” I wonder.

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For the most part, and as with previous NDA’s for things like this, ‘Publicly discuss the technical test on the internet’ also covers saying whether you are in it or not. As I said, I don’t know how far 2K or GBX will go with how strict that really means, but I wouldn’t want anyone getting flagged for it and losing their CTT.

I don’t imagine them being that way about it but it does makes perfect sense and better safe than sorry!

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Yeah, it is just better to tell people to just not say anything. There will be a CTT Forum specifically to talk about stuff and since they will make a post to say invites have gone out there is 0 need to say you are in the CTT, so better just keep safe, especially because I have seen cases where people say how excited they are that they are in on Reddit or something, then lose it for saying that.

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Sorry to repeat everyone else but it’s the 27 and i haven’t got an email, does this mean i wasn’t selected or were they not sent? Also will i recieve an email telling me I wasn’t selected, or do I just not get an email?

Worry not, they haven’t been sent out yet. And I don’t imagine you will get an e-mail if you aren’t selected.

I don’t think you will get an email if you are not selected, however the forum will have a pinned announcement, the twitter account will also announce it and I imagine the post will get linked to Reddit also.

Oh, thanks

Jythri is going to try to get beta codes for all of the active forum users. Hold tight folks.


@jythri Is a legend. I mean, I am HOPING I get in anyway? But if not, and he manages to pickup a code for his favourite guide writer ;). Even if not, still a legend for trying!