Actually valuable zane feedback for gearbox. no buff suggestions only fixes

Our beloved badass @Derch believes everyone here has a voice, which i disagree with but anyway myself and few really experienced zane players have talked over the issues and made a small list of things that actually need to be fixed right now.

does the list below need developer attention?

  • yes
  • no

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violent speed shall scale with violent momentum’s dmg slightly better, please check the scaling curve.
cool hand is too weak values need to be looked at compared to other VH’s comparatively (minding zane’s skills mostly come with meeting x-condtion while others might get it is as passive)
Best Served Cold is too weak values need to be looked at
duc tape mod cool down needs to be looked at
Nanites or Some ■■■■■ needs to work with picked up barrier
Charged Relay needs to work with barrier picked up
every augment for SNTNL needs to be looked into apart from winters drone.
old U it is unresponsive if clone is taking damage which often renders it useless, sometimes does not even trigger when clone is idle and hidden.
Nerves of Steel needs looking into, for high tier skill it provides questionable benefits in all borderlands games accuracy buffs have sort of been negligable i get the potential of this skill behind the barrier but if your data says nobody specs into this skill maybe peek at it?
Praemuntus needs to be round number
Which One’s Real very questionable proc chance, it would be great against killovolt or traunt but it does not seem to work utter most of the times both targets will still stare at you.
Double barrelr needs better A.I. sadly. look into it all you want i know this is stupid hard to be made better.
binary system damage value needs to be looked at
Trick of Light due to problems with which one is real this skills is nigh useless for solo play (would be okay still, but it is damn tier 9000 skill)

now i personally do not believe this will get traction or anyone cares about sort of “high end/pro/exert” players or anything like that but there is a slim chance. i know people who read threads like this want to just come and dump their own opinions on how to buff zane or what they hate, but this is a list of things that are actually worth looking into before changing anything about zane ( i did not make this list alone bunch of people were involved).
So if it would be possible and you agree with this just keep buming the thread up, without derailing it

the list was created from source material here: Let's complete a respectable survey for Gearbox every skill AS and augment break down

if you want to voice your ideas about zane you can go there and write some essays instead, we all love to read that (not a sarcasm)

P.S. inside the main thread there isa metric ton of buff suggestions which could be valuable but i am 140% sure no devs care. i just want them to check out real issues like SNTNL augments Old U and stuff like that, barrier augments not working when picked up, maybe halving the buffs is also too harsh for picked up barrier but gearbox always says stuff like oops we put wrong value there…

i just want someone from dev team to at least tell me “hey man this is working exactly as we intended” but who would admit they coded bad dose dot to 7dmg at level 50… no one.

P.S.S. by bumping i did not mean putting likes, that will get us nowhere. just comment something short like “bumping this for attention” or sth similar, thanks.


The thread you linked is something I’ll look into when I have the chance to read some walls of text… But for clarifications sake - can I ask why it’s double barrel and not the base digi clone action skill that needs better AI? I get that using the clone without the cap seems weird, but don’t see why folks still leveling without enough points should suffer a weaker version of the AI in the process…


Seems fair to me. I don’t have tons of experience and didn’t had time to play the other VH so it’s hard for me to comment on some.
Can definitely testify Old-U and Which Ones’s Real don’t work half the time. I like that suggestion from the “respectable survey” thread.

There’s one thing that kept me out of many Zane threads.
Many threads actually. Not only Zane.

Yes the dev take notes but if you want to be taken seriously well… Watch it.

I guess for the use of some specific guns/firing mode. Atlas, Tediore come to mind.


while base clone also loves shooting walls with double barrel there is so many guns you can put in clone’s hands that it breaks even more clone struggles with targeting and shooting patterns with many guns. keep in mind the list is not all mine and i just put there what was mostly mentioned. a good person to ask about clone’s shooting patterns is @Gentlemann

and such as capstone it needs a rework while base clone is not of much use either way. i am not saying it is good but double barrel is a bigger concern right now. there is to more issues we/me did no include in this list.


So in the last week and a half or however long it’s been now that I got end game on Zane. I’ve been playing him exclusively doing bossing, slaughters and heck runs. I play like 16 hours a day so while a week doesn’t sound long its a lot of time. Anyways, I agree with this whole list.

About double barrel AI. I think it’s more about how he shoots things like burst fire weapons, any weapon with a gimmick etc. Would definitely be nice if the clone didn’t shoot walls in general though.


I’m on board with these changes as stated. However, I can’t help but be curious about what the Dev’s had in mind for his rework.

IIRC they did state that they wanted to look at increasing his synergy with Cryo and some other things with his pets.

I’m onboard with change, but I’d like to keep an open mind with the proposed changes and see where things land.

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If only half of the things on this list were improved it would already be a massive improvement to the character, and at the very least open the possibilities of even more builds.


thanks for feedback in source thread. i read everything that was suggested.


I mean, TotL procs a lot for me solo. I was farming KV last night and that immune number just kept popping…

Hm. Actually. Nah. We do need WOR looked at though for sure. Because KV faced me way too fast a lot

I’m down with all these, but especially Violent Speed, Best Served Cold and Nanites or Some ….

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Still leveling my Zane and when I specced into Old-U I was like “hell yes can’t die now” then after trying to even use it, I realized it was just a wasted skill point that did nothing. I could never get it to proc and respecced.

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I’m watching the Borderlands show right now and funny thing Randy just said. (paraphrasing)
If you want response, be respectful.

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As long as fixing that doesn’t make the enemy AIs less likely to do the same - I like being able to stand behind objects and avoid fire while still being able to return it!


What do you find disrespectful? :slight_smile:

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I wouldn’t go that far. :slight_smile:
Borderline maybe.
We do live in the Borderlands though. :wink:

i miss typed what did you find disrespectful in my post? that nobody would admit setting bad dose DOT to 7 per tick on level 50?

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Let’s keep the personal stuff to polite PMs (or simply don’t get into it) please. If there’s an issue that needs moderator intervention, please PM me instead.

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Not disrespectful per say. More of an attitude. It’s a grey zone.
The intro and outro.

Put yourself in Derch shoes or a dev guy trying his best. How would you receive it?

I know there’s a lot worse on the net. I wouldn’t be replying if it was “that” bad. Not trying to lecture you either.
Just my two cents.

@VaultHunter101 I think we’re good. Nothing personal. pm is not a bad idea though.
Keep the thread on track.

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100% agree with all of these fixes. Thanks for putting this together.

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This list is a good place to start when thinking about how to “fix” Zane.

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