Adaptive on Shields

So the in game description for Adaptive on the shield says “+3% Health and 41% resistance to last damage type received for 5 seconds”. It sounds like it should work on any/all types/forms of damage. But I have been searching online and in these forums and am seeing a lot of conflicting information, and some people are saying it is restricted to resisting only the 5 elemental damage types. Anyone know the truth about this currently?

It pertains to elemental/kinetic damage only.

Think of that annoint as an extention of a shield’s standard resistance. Some are more resistant to fire damage, some electric, corrosive, and so on.

So kinetic as in regular non-elemental bullets should be resisted as well. That sounds good.

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The problem with that annoint is that you’re constantly taking damage from so many sources, that resistance to one doesn’t give you any advantage whatsoever.

Hope this all helps! Good luck!

Its one of the random bonuses for shields and not an Anointment if that makes a difference

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Pretty sure it can be both unless they removed that annoint, but no it doesn’t make a difference.
It’s not a great option for the same reason.

Thank you for the responses, very helpful!

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