Adaptive Shield - Highest Elemental Resist %?

Just found a Purple Adaptive Shield with 60% Elemental Resist!

Holy crap!

Lucky you. My best one so far is close–58%. Small capacity, fast recharge, very low recharge delay. (I may edit in the numbers later, when I play the game.)

Athena has this. She’s Lv 52.

Req: Lv 51
Hyper Adaptive Shield (purple)
Cap 8471
Rate 1355
Delay 1.94
Resist +58%
Health +5030

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Have the same one just Lvl 70

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Blue: 65%
Purple: 73%
Orange: 86%

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Orange? You mean the Reogenator?

^And the MORQ

Yeah MORQ can have a pretty good resistance too. Mine isn’t as good as my Reogenator but it’s still higher than purples I see. And you get one guaranteed!

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A guaranteed MORQ?

For which mission or from which enemy?

Ive done the whole DLC except for the very final leet haxors mission…

It’s not a mission or quest item. Check youtubes if you haven’t figured it out already :).

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Just youtube’d it.


I know what Im going to get right when i get home!

Not sure if it’s once per playthough or once per character like Excalibastard.

From what people in the vids i watched were saying, it seems to be once per story mode?

MORQ and Reogenator with the same parts have identical attributes, except MORQ doesn’t give HP regen.

Keep trying!

in my experience morq is once per character.

Maliwan Body, Maliwan Battery, Hyperion Capacitor gets you the 73% Purple

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Oh damn that is a sexy shield.

How does shield resistance stack with Wilhelm’s Hazmat Containment System if at all?

I would think excellently…

It’s a darn good question.

But here is something I think we may be missing…and someone correct me if I am wrong on this…

The resistance is to an elemental effect being placed on you…NOT overall damage resistance Like the Blockade was in BL2.

So, I am not sure just going for “High Resistance” would be very useful in comparison to the normal shield stats of Cap, Recharge Rate and Delay. ESPECIALLY if you are a Wilhelm with a couple of points in Hazmat.

Recently I’ve been trying out the Naught shield for elemental resistance. It seems to do ok in most situations tho I do wish the recharge rate was a bit higher. Here’s a picture for those of you who may not be familiar with it.

I think elemental resistance might work the same as damage reduction. As in

                     elem. dmg
 reduced elem. dmg = ───────────
                     1 + resist.

Therefore with 50% from 5/5 Hazmat and 73% from a purple Adaptive, it would be

                       elem. dmg
 reduced elem. dmg = ────────────── = elem. dmg * 44.8%
                     1 + 0.73 + 0.5

which would end up with 55.2% actual damage reduction to that specific element damage.

Of course, if you add further penalties of elements on shields (except for shock), you’d end up with something like

reduced elem. dmg = elem. dmg * 44.8% * 40% = elem. dmg * 18%

for :fire: , :snowflake: and .
For :boom: it would be reduced expl. dmg = expl. dmg * 44.8% * 80% = 36%
and for :zap: it’s reduced shock dmg = shock dmg * 44.8% * 275% = shock dmg. 123.2% , all assuming 5/5 Hazmat and 73% from the adaptive shield.

The Naught shield has no elemental resistances at all. Its 0s recharge delay just makes it recharge inbetween DoT ticks.

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