Add a new Faction: Badasses! previously unplayable BL2 characters

please add some Borderlands 2 characters to the game that where unplayable in the games.(LLC) Mr Tourge with tiny tina riding on his shoulders tossing bunny bombs.(Rouges) Moxxi who summons ex-lovers to battle for her. And who could forget (UPR)Marcus with a tree that has an elemental base to it including slag! Maybe even (Eldrid) Motor Momma or Ellie, and (Jenneret)Dr. Zed. Add these people please! lol DO IT!!!

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This may be a joke, but if it’s not, well…
I don’t play Battleborn for Borderlands. I play Borderlands for Borderlands. There are already a few references (there’s one in one of Kleese’s taunts), it I don’t want to go this far.
Additionally, I’m slightly confused if you mean they’d be their own faction or their own DLC wave.
And please, Moxxi doesn’t need anyone to slaughter her enemies with ease. Between her intelligence, arsenal, and lying capabilities, she could kick everyone’s butts.


Bring in Sir Hammerlock.

Have him meet Marquis (same voice actor, and I firmly believe Marquis was based on gentleman scholar Hunter / already part robot Hammerlock).

Hammerlock: What Ho! Who is this fine robot?

Marquis: I am your future. Lose a few more limbs.


Also, Captain Scarlett would be a PERFECT Rogue.

EDIT: Maybe an Eridian warrior? Certainly alien / high tech enough.

Fun idea, but not going to support it.

A spinoff game of Battleborn and Borderlands could be cool, like Solus is one of the universes the Vault Hunters need to find to secure the vault, thus the casts can collide.

But in the current game of Battleborn to incorporate Borderlands casts for the sake of… whatever? Battleborn needs to deal with its own set of turmoils before that.



I had that very idea!

Please don’t make battleborn with borderlands I firmly stand they stay seperate and unique from each other

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I was thinking how funny it would be if their worlds collided. I was really hoping for something like that in one of the lore bits. Still haven’t read em all, but I know someone out there has and we would know about it already


Please do not tether borderlands to the sinking ship that is battleborn!


Probably be a separate game for it to happen, assuming that it can be such a thing.

I like ideas of crossovers, but it needs to be competently done. Maybe Gearbox will surprise us in the future.

Dude don’t start something I’m serious

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Ah I don’t really want it to happen. I just think a nod to borderlands is sufficient, which there are honestly a decent amount of in Battleborn

I just want to see something fun with a bunch of fun ideas.

Heavy PvE game with Battleborn universe could be fun too, it’s one of GBX’s better strengths. Not even sure what will happen to Battleborn in general, so I can only speculate.

To be honest, I was expecting PvE heavy with Battleborn. I could be wrong, but I swear that during development they planned on having TWO campaign stories on release with Battleborn. Not sure where I saw that, but we didn’t even get one complete story. 8 total missions is meh. Still love em to bits though

I hate the Archive. It needs a lot better pacing and more bosses.

Same with Renegade. But unlike Archive, you walk out with more than 168 credits.

I never played Archive again after I got all my legendaries there at max roll. Afterwards, I always quit when my team votes for it, even if it’s a 5 man.

I would pretty sad if the two games were connected.The entire story and world of BB is super depressing. Yes the cast fights the good fight but remember
all life outside of the Solus system is presumably dead and that means no more vaults (well maybe there’s one in Solus) and all the characters and Pandora are probably dead and gone.

Tiny Tina would be great.

Skill 1: Waffles: Place a charged explosive teddy triggered by proximity. More than 1 can be placed.
Skill 2: Teacup shower: AoE attack causing slow as shards of crockery rain from the sky.
Ult: 2 massive rockets launched attached to Tina. She aims from the sky like Caldy.

Yeah, like I said I don’t want the crossover to happen and I don’t think it should. However I DO think both games have intriguing characters that would interact well with one another

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All of that is good but Waffles has too much overlap with Ernest.