Add a new rare drop pool

I think it would be a great idea to create a new world drop pool that’s much rarer than the current world drops.
In this 2nd pool add all the old event weapons such as the wedding invitation, OPQ, etc. Maybe add the items that only have 1 drop location, such as the one punch or messy breakup.
Maybe this new drop pool is only active during raids and from raid bosses, whatever. It is just really tiring fighting through and getting the same old stuff over and over. Give it a different ‘beam’ design to highlight it on the ground.


Sounds awful. Especially the part where it’s locked behind horrible raids.

I miss the wedding invitation so much…

Put them in raids proving grounds slaughter shafts anywhere but they need a new source thats for sure the one punch is a pain to farm unless using amara because of anointed enemies but if you use her then you will get phaseslam anointments and melee damage anoints.

Or make world drops planet specific. Instead of getting the same guns across each planet, categorize them per planet. I think this would make farming more interesting at least.

yeah there’s no need to lock it behind raids, it was just a suggestion to make raids feel special as currently they feel pointless. They can make it raids, planet specific or even just always active, not important to me, i just wanna see it happen in some form