Add a q time mercy rule to stop these huge wait times

yeah I know we have bot battles but we need a solution for these interminable waits in quick match and versus draft

just have a time cutoff to fill my teammates and opposing team with bots as necessary

wait times are just the death of fun. cut this crap off at 2-5 minutes (I personally prefer 2 minutes max)

it isn’t our fault that the matchmaker isn’t putting matches together in a reasonable amount of time.

Even bot battles have had long waits for teammates at times. Fill this crap and let us play the game!

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Problem with that: What if one side has more bots than actual players? That’d be pretty unfair. Plus, if you had a full team but no other team showed up, you may as well be playing a bot battle anyway

It likely isn’t the matchmaker either? Number of players queuing for the mode you want to play still dominates wait times. As far as I can see, a “long” wait time is > 5 minutes?

Nah, something is wrong. Was queuing in a 4 man group yesterday and it took 5 minutes easily just to find a 5th person. Queuing solo was virtually instant.

I’ve had it running for 5+ min but I just cancelled eventually. This was public ops. It did say wait “long” but I’d hope at some point after a few min it tells you no chance sorry or gives you option to do solo or keep waiting.