Add a respawn button to PVE

So, PVP has a respawn button (default as “b” on keyboards) in case you get stuck or something. Why not add this feature in PVE?

I was in a group today with three other people, at the very end of the Saboteur map, when I got stuck behind the boss chest. I could barely see anything and enemies were not going after me. This was before we even started the final defense point. We lost the point within seconds, all because me, the freaking healer, could not do ANYTHING. No respawning. No healing. No attacking. Nothing.

We were going to win the match, but due to Gearbox’s terrible map design, we lost. Half an hour of my life, wasted!

This seem like a simple fix, given it’s already in PVP. Why doesn’t Gearbox add it?!

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Loosing doesn’t mean you wasted your time, just means you lost. You still got xp, loot, character xp, and you got to play the game.

I don’t know what I think about adding this to pve but I do know loosing is just part of the game, its not the end of the world.


I think he means in the case of glitches. More so glitches in hardcore. I’ve been in games like that on Sentinel where someone went off a jump pad and got stuck on the top of the map. It was complete waste of time because we had to start over. So I kind of get where he’s coming from.

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[quote=“countdunne2, post:1, topic:1539872, full:true”]This seem like a simple fix, given it’s already in PVP. Why doesn’t Gearbox add it?!

The only way I could see them implementing this is by making sure more of a “suicide” button than a “respawn” button. I’m not sure whether the PvP respawn button teleports you back to base as you are or fills you back up, mainly because I’m not fond enough of PvP to actually look into really advanced tactics, but I could see players using this in PvE to get out of “oh crap I’m gonna die!” situations rather than using it to “fix” a glitch.

If it’s a suicide button, the teleport back comes at the cost of a life, which seems appropriate.

Of course, having a button that kills you and costs the group part of a shared resource pool is just begging for trolls to wreck other peoples’ game (sure, you can just suicide by running off of a cliff, but that takes a lot more effort, especially if you’re partway through a map, than pressing a button) so… yeah.

One the one hand, there should be a cost associated with it because it could be used as an “oh-■■■■” button; on the other, it either shouldn’t exist or shouldn’t have a cost if it does exist because Here There Be Trolls.

I asked one of the Devs on the Play With the Devs day about an unstuck feature being added in PvE. Their response was that they would prefer to not have places where people would get stuck and rather than adding that feature they would prefer that we report the location to them via support.

They mentioned that locations like that get fixed fairly quickly so take from that what you want.

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This definitely makes me facepalm. It’s like saying “We’d rather not give people medicine; we’d prefer them to tell us about germs so that we can make and distribute vaccines”. I can understand the logic behind it (fighting the disease rather than treating the symptoms), but, when you’re stuck in the geometry, which is inevitably going to happen because nothing is perfect, you want to get out of it, not report it and help the devs fix it so that it doesn’t happen to anyone else (well, ideally, you’d want to get out of it and report it so that it no longer happens, because it might happen to you again).

I’m not even sure an “unstuck” feature would be that hard to create considering the game uses the Unreal Engine and most Unreal Engine games I know have an “unstuck” of one kind of another. Programmatically, I could see issues with keybinding it since consoles are button restricted, but that’s about it. Beyond that, it’s probably just pride (“Our game is made so well it doesn’t need X debugging tool.”; not that I’m casting aspersions; BB is an awesomely made game, but it’s the epitome of vanity in programming to think that your code is absolutely perfect in every way).

The issue is that I did not lose because there were too many enemies. I did not lose because of team composition. I did not lose because of bad teamwork. I lost because of a bug in the game.

I am perfectly OK with losing, as long as I feel like I lost because I could have done better. But I did not lose due to my lake of skill. I lost because the game was broken. That’s what makes this so infuriating. It was completely out of my control.

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They could easily implement it into the pause menu. The unstuck feature could just respawn you at the previous checkpoint. I wouldn’t care at all if it even took a life or some points from me at the end for using it. I really don’t think that implementing this is as farfetched as they made it sound when I asked. The only thing that they really need to check for is certain triggers such as boss encounters otherwise I don’t really see a problem with it.

Like you said, we should report those locations anyways, but there’s no need for them to expect to be able to make every map perfect.

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The trolling is a good point that I had not thought of.

The matter still remains tho. There is an obvious bug that needs to be fixed.

For future occurrences, as long as you have at least one person on your team alive and it isn’t hardcore mode then you can simply leave the game and rejoin to get respawned. I don’t remember if it counts you as killed, but it’s better than sitting in a ditch waiting for your team to pull it off.

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I disagree. This is just simple bug fixing that should have been solved way before release. I have not had issues with getting stuck in any game in like 10 years.

Furthermore, I have never seen anyone get stuck in an Overwatch map. Overwatch and Battleborn both have a large variety of character models, but for some reason Battleborn has a problem with players clipping or getting stuck in the map.

This issue might be a really complicated programming and collision one. I EXPECT every AAA game that comes out these days to have ironed out all the map issues before release. If it is somehow impossible to fix the programming, then the least Gearbox can do is implement a quick-fix such as a respawn button.

Somewhat off topic but I wish that the respawn checkpoints in campaign would fully heal you as well

Also, Warframe has an /unstuck conmand which teleports you back in time a little bit and automatic submits a bug report.

I’m not going to even try to pretend knowing the first thing there is to creating maps and making sure people don’t get stuck so I won’t comment on that.

I also wouldn’t compare a PvP map in one game to a PvE map in another (especially since I don’t play Overwatch so I don’t know how it all works). PvP maps and PvE maps are built completely different (usually). I have yet to see or find any issues on Battleborn’s PvP maps with regards to being stuck.

Anyways, apparently Gearbox developers agree with you on the point that it is a simple bug fix which is why they don’t want to implement an unstuck or suicide option. I don’t know how quick of a fix it is (like I said before, the only issue that I see with it is ensuring that they check for certain triggers to minimize the work that they need to do).

But we do agree on the fact that they should implement a respawn option.

You get your number of “respawns” incremented by 1 and it consumes a spare life. If the group has no spare lives left, it leaves you in spectator mode. For all intents and purposes, a DC is a death. This is especially annoying in hardcore mode where a bad server connection can ruin an entire run, even though, if their character had just stood still, they’d still be alive and fine upon their return.

Personally, I think that would be a better solution to DC/leaving: treat the character as if their player was AFK (e.g. no input). In PvE, if they’re in combat, their group can try to keep them alive until the fight is over, if they can, but, if they can’t, they’d respawn at a respawn point, well away from any enemies and unlikely to cost their group more lives; in PvP, they’d respawn back in base, unable to be attacked by the other team. Having them just vanish is annoying as hell if the person DCd and actually plans on returning.

I agree, but I’m pretty sure that when someone DCs the game adjusts the amount of units that are spawning to the new amount of people in the match. Others in these forums have mentioned that, at least, and I believe that I’ve witnessed that firsthand. So Gearbox definitely has some work that they should do with regards to this, but I don’t believe that they will go in this direction since, like I said earlier, they seemed to think of an “unstuck” option as very farfetched. Unfortunately all we can do right now is report places that we find and move on.

I’ve done hardcores where a friend DCs partway through and it definitely feels to me like the difficulty didn’t go down at all. Spawns were the same as before, and it took pretty much the same to kill them as it did before.

Isn’t that kind of the point of the whole difficulty system used? The difficulty of the match and time needed to kill enemies remains the same if you have 5 people killing stuff (more spawns and more enemy hp) or 3 people killing stuff (less spawns or lower enemy hp). Both should “feel” the same difficulty and take about the same amount of time.

Back on topic though. I would love an “Unstuck” button in the pause menu. One addition I would suggest is have it auto submit a bug report with the location for the devs. Or put a variable in each match which records a map location when Unstuck is used then (since the match data for each match is saved) they could do an automated search each day for any instances where that variable != 0 and use those to look for possible flaws in geometry rather than relying on gamers (who are more likely to just leave and rejoin/fail the mission or go play something else) submitting bug reports for them.

[quote=“mordred_moridin, post:17, topic:1539872, full:true”]Both should “feel” the same difficulty and take about the same amount of time.

Oh, it took a helluva lot longer solo than with my friend. And when I mentioned that it “felt the same” I meant on an individual scale. A single Brute (group of 2, fought solo) felt the same as another single Brute (group of 2 with 1 missing, fought solo). The Brutes didn’t get easier to fight 1-on-1 when my friend DCd.

Fun note: In PvP you have to be ‘safe’ to base (back, recall, respawn, whatever). It has a cast time -and- a rather blatant animation. You can be interrupted during that time by damage or by getting juggled (looking at you, shield bots of why-the-hell-is-your-hit-box-so-big-and-now-I’m-flying-GREAT). This makes it so you can not use it to just port out of a deadly situation and you need some measure of safety to pull it off. Seems to me at least that it would translate rather well as is over to PvE as an unstuck feature.

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Leave the game, then rejoin.
You will be back at the last checkpoint.