Add a solo queue

I’m playing on the PC and typically waiting 15 or more minutes to get a match. Lately, the mid-range players seem to be gone and it’s mostly rank newbies and occasional premades of high skill players. These latter people are choking the life out of what is left of the game. Stomping these noobies until they surrender or quit the match–or just playing around with the beginners while they focus the people who are more experienced.

GBX do something about this other than just taking away the appearance of imbalance (ie ranks and yellow bars). Add a solo queue option. In an ideal world, 10 people would queue for a match and it would distribute them into even teams for every match. But even if it was just more randomness, cutting down on the congregation of pro players would help this anemic population. It would be something.

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A lot of the competitive players already play in private 10 mans over just pub stomping so if you see any just PM me their names and I’ll add em to our discord and get them into the 10 mans. It’s not fun for us either stomping the noobs. :sweat:


That only works for the people who want a challenge. There are groups out there avoiding any fair matches because they just want to pubstomp the new players. It’s unfortunate. There really should be a reporting option for poor sportsmanship if there isn’t already.


rawrrr come get some noobs! Thou shall be pub stomped! -jk

I agree too, solo queue would be more fair for the new people but I don’t know if PC could support that. However, it would be a great idea to implement that right before the free BB trial whenever that comes

I agree that this would be ideal but I don’t think the PC player base could handle this at all.

I que in a group sometimes, it helps find games faste, you’re providing a team, so less people need to be found

Some mild pre-forming is fun/interesting. Mebbe 2-3 ppl tops. People that join public queue in 5-man pre-mades specifically to pubstomp are poison for the game though. It breaks matchmaking and it’s not fun to play against, even if you win against it. Like… oh… no ■■■■ you’re more effective when you’re a 5-man focusing down healers in voice coordinated strikes and doing perfectly time CC chains against people who don’t know each other? Who could have guessed? People who want to play that way should want to play against others who are playing the same way… not go trying to destroy people trying to enjoy a PUG. The sad truth is that some people don’t want a challenge, they want to pubstomp for whatever messed up psychological reason… iunno and I can’t fathom the logic behind it.

What really gets me is the dogshit sportsmanship displayed by some of these pre-mades. Last night my group, which was actually pretty solid for a 100% PUG, gets a pre-made and one of our guys D/Cs, so it’s 4 pugs vs 5 pre-made in Capture and they’re taunting after every single kill, without fail, no matter what. Ganked you in a 2 on 1? It’s 5 on 3 cuz you have an afk and a disconnect? Totally legit kills for sure. Better taunt that ■■■■ buddy! You earned it! That ■■■■’s garbage and it’d do nothing but discourage people who are testing the PVP waters for the first time. I’m all for taunts but there’s an etiquette to it; you can do it in a fun, playful, cool way or you can do it in a douchey, provoking, pathetic way. Taunting pugs you gank in coordinated strikes with your 5man wank-team falls under the pathetic category and it’s just toxic.

There should be a 3 man cap on how large a team can queue for public matches and “Team Match” queue for 4-5 mans. It would solve so many problems with PVP right now and it wouldn’t hurt queue times much. If anything, it would help because new players wouldn’t be discouraged by these unsporting groups. 2-3 pre-formed per team max is just the right amount to ensure matchmaking can properly assign the remain spots to keep matches interesting. I have a competitive mindset but I enjoy the challenge of random PUGs. I’d like to know that if I queue public matches, I’ll get public matches and that if I want as competitive team challenge, I’ll get a competitive team challenge.

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PC should restrict teams to three until the trial. Then add a newbie queue

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I dunno about that, I usually go solo but when I do go with friends we usually make it a point to hold back and let the newbies get some kills and/or the occasional win. If they’re experienced players we’ll go full on, but it’s nice to not put the newbies off the game by stomping them.

People who go into queues with 5-mans looking to stomp noobs is just sad.


I’m confused with how that disagrees with my statement lol

Just that limiting it to 3 people won’t really help - it’ll probably just irritate people.

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The current state of the PC player base is already irritating people. At this point gearbox should be willing to try new ideas.


I have around 900 hours logged in the game, This morning I had a match where I believe everyone else had under 20 hours of gameplay–the lowest had 2 hours. We played Coldsnap. I pretty much stuck in the right lane of the map, crossing over maybe a couple of times.

We won by a wide margin. At the end, the other players (including those on my team) had maybe 2 or 3 kills a piece. I had 12 with no deaths and 5 assists. If there had been another person on my team with the same experience, it would have been no problem to completely stomp them, let alone 3 vets teamed together going in.

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There’s people like this in every game, sadly.

I understand the fear, but only if you’re casually playing with buds. Not if you’re going stomping with a cooperating team

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Man that sounds sound awful. I would much rather play in a 10 person private match than a 5 man pub stomper any day if it’s any consolation

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you guys give a lot of credit that these groups are some super OP roflstompers of doom. a lot of the time, it’s just people playing with friends. they may not respond to your request for a match because they just want to play. for example, I have a few people on my friends list that play battleborn that only like to play with their friends. that group actually loses more than it wins. My win % actually drops from playing with them, but so what. all I’m saying is you guys are assuming quite a lot.

Here’s a couple recent matches against what I take to be full or partial premades:

So this first one was the second match in a row where we got stomped by this group. The second match was novel because they ran ahead when we were getting swarmed and body blocked us from getting back into our base.

This one was similar, except that every single time I died they taunted:

The active pc community is tiny. There’s no matchmaking. It’s not uncommon to be stomped by premades of skilled players–especially when there’s an update and people are logging on to try out a new character. Of those matches, it’s not uncommon for these teams to just relentlessly kick the crap out of the other team while taunting.

I’m not looking for high level group pvp. I’m just looking to log on and have some decent competitive matches to relax. The majority of people I played with regularly were the same and they are gone. I’m the only one that still logs out of the 15 or so people I friended through pvp. I know this thread is self serving but I’ve really enjoyed this game and would like some positive change to make it worth continuing in the face of long waits and crappy unbalanced matches.


you seem to be assuming they are a premade. either way, doctorhoho is a member somewhere on here, so you could just ask him. I’d tag him, but idk his exact name.