Add a weapon alternative to each character

Just a thought, I find the characters to be fun and diverse but when you settle down on one it’d be great to either have a choice for one of two weapons/attacks, or have the choice be an unlock for higher/max levels of mastery.

The reason I feel this would be beneficial is that most players will want to end up focusing on a small group of their favourite characters, and adding an alternative weapon/attack would give you much more diversity and let you specialise for what you want most on a per-mission basis.

Some characters wouldn’t make sense to get a different weapon (or would need serious remodelling to accommodate it), so some of them might just get an alternate attack, either LMB or RMB (or potentially both). Obviously, appropriate augments/mutations involving that weapon/attack would need to change too.

Just a few examples/ideas of potential weapon alternatives:

Montana: Flamethrower. Would sacrifice some of his range for higher damage in close range
Miko: Spore clouds. Small, medium speed semi-homing clouds that deal DoT and linger
Toby: Repeater cannon. Replaces charge-up with heat build-up, and provides lower damage with much faster fire rate.
Kelvin: Ice shards. Replaces LMB claws with slightly-arcing thrown icicles. Maybe chargeable to throw a larger icy spear
Orendi: Shadow spin. Replaces RMB with a radial shadow-magic attack, hitting in a fairly close-range AoE

Just some ideas. Not saying this sort of system would be necessary by any means, but it has the potential to add a lot more depth to the game

Maybe a special third attack when you get character rank 15 that you activate by pressing both primary and secondary attacks simultaniously

It’s definitely interesting but if it was added it won’t be until bb2. It would make melee character even more unique which in my opinion who need it more besides abilities

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