Add boss icons on map

Please add icons to the map for the locations of bosses (at least once they’ve been discovered by the player). I think this will be especially helpful after the upcoming patch that increases specific loot pools for particular bosses.


That would be a nice addition.

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As someone who could get lost in a paper bag this and a sat nav type arrangement showing the route to take when I place a marker on the map would be good.

I agree, boss icons would be nice.

Shiv - Pandora, Covenant Pass
Mouthpiece - Pandora, Ascension Bluff
Gigamind - Promethea, Meridian Metroplex
Captain Traunt - Athenas
Katagawa Ball - Promethea, Skywell-27
Katagawa Jr - Promethea, Atlas HQ
The Rampager - Promethea, The Forgotten Basilica
Warden - Eden-6, The Anvil
Killavolt - Promethea, Lectra City
Billy, The Anointed - Eden-6, Jakobs Estate
GenIVIV - Eden-6, Voracious Canopy
Aurelia - Eden-6, Blackbarrel Cellars
The Graveward - Eden-6, The Floating Tomb
Carnivora - Pandora, Carnivora
The Agonizer 9000 - Pandora, Guts of Carnivora
Troy Calypso - Pandora, The Great Vault
General Traunt - Nekrotafeyo, Desolation’s Edge
Tyreen the Destroyer - Pandora, Destroyer’s Rift

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