Add Draft mode vote to PvP queue?

So what I mean by the title is after voting on the map in quick match, there is an option to vote for draft ban mode or the normal mode.

**YES, Devs will need to give F2P users 5 character unlocked for draft mode in case all the rotation characters get banned.

Here is why adding an option to quick match to play Draft Mode is good:

  1. Mainly because Draft mode encourages people to play the characters they want instead of S tier/meta characters
  • Usually when people pick characters against a similarly skilled team then they go meta or S tier/meta picks like Thorn, Kelvin, Ghalt + Gal… since choosing non S tier characters could cost their team the game. So banning these characters from the get go really allows players to learn and play other characters instead of being accused of “throwing” for picking a character that isn’t S-tier.
  1. Draft mode has no douche bags picking characters you hate to play!
  • That’s captains mode silly! :upside_down_face:
  1. Draft Mode mixes up the team comps
  • So kinda going along w/ my first point, this mode mixes up the teams which keeps things fresh when you’re playing against the same team.

PS: I’m not really that competitive but playing the same characters just to win is boring, so draft mode as seen when there was a solo/duo queue really makes the game more fun!

Note: if you don’t like draft mode then don’t vote for it!

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Why would you not make it its own separate queue? The main reason most of us want it in its own separate queue is so casuals can stick to quick match and competitive players can stick to draft. All this would do is throw more randomness into map selection which is already too random as is.

Now wait just a minute here. So you’re telling me that you want draft mode reinstated, so that I can take the same long ass time to find a match, wherein which much time will be wasted on the draft phase only to have the randoms on your team quit out anyway at the first sign of having to put in any effort? And on top of that I’ll be getting target banned left right and center, effectively being forced by a dwindling community into doing something that brings me no joy?

Thas gonna be a nope for me dawg.


Public draft simply isn’t feasible for most ftpers. they need to have purchased several characters to be able to play draft.

So if draft was reinstated, it would be in its own perma q again, and hopefully only in addition to qm (with all modes in qm, as you dont want to wall the ftpers out of any modes)

I disagree. Let’s assume we start a draft game and banned Boldur and Kelvin and let’s say you want to play Toby, but you are the first player picking a character in a draft game: You won’t do it. You have to grab someone like Galilea, Thorn, … or your whole team will ragequit shortly after, because you already threw the game with your pick here.

Captain’s draft is tolerable, because you are not as easily forced into a character you have to play for balance reasons but can’t do jack with, but I don’t even want to imagine what a nightmare this would be in a public game.

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Frankly, whatever takes Incursion out of QM i’ll support it, I’m really getting sick and tired of always having to play Incursion because “Incursion is best mode”, It might be the best mode (to everyone else) I couldn’t care the least for it.

haha, I was picturing you getting triggered when I was making this thread and I guess you got so triggered you didn’t even read past the title of the thread xD

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The words “draft mode” are instantly triggering to me. sorry for not reading more carefully. But that ■■■■ just gives me to much PTSD.

To be honest though I still wouldn’t want to play draft with randoms at all. If you look at the skill required to play draft mode, hell this game in general, and then examine the general populous you realise the the majority of people don’t posses the the very baseline skill required to be effective in any capacity. These are the kind of people who get tunnel vision. these are the kind of people who don’t have a clue as to positioning. the people that don’t have thumbs, brains, or the balls to stick around at the first sign of a challenge. It’s bad in normal matchmaking, painfully obvious in light of the dwindling player base.

You have the rage quitters. the one’s who don’t give two ■■■■■ about comp. the ones who don’t know how to play their character. People who, if I had to guess based on their gameplay, haven’t mastered the art of putting clothes on in the morning. And the worst of all…

The people who’s only thought at the sight me on the enemy team is “oh ■■■■ it’s nemo he gives me PTSD target ban the ■■■■ outa him!” No consideration for comp or countering or just trying to even think about if outright target bans are the way to go about the game in question, meanwhile our team gets boulder or ghalt/rath etc because they are to busy with that target ban ■■■■.

triggered target ban rant over

My point: the general player base can’t handle draft. Just…leave it to people who know what they are doing (I know that sounds kinda elitist but you get what i’m saying i hope. not trying to be an ass by any means).


In defense of the target bans, I think I helped target ban you ONCE(then I realized how much it bothered you and endevoured to avoid that in the future as a courtesy)

The reason why is if you put one person off balance you can POTENTIALLY disrupt the teams cohesion and effectiveness as a whole. at your skill level not likely, but scrubs need every edge they can find against dank memes

And you didn’t sound elitist in my opinion. Just triggered

Not to sound sarcastic, but it feels like it kind of defeats the purpose of having a Quick Match mode if there’s a possible extra step of throwing in a draft on top of that.

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Are you trying to say that Toby is not as good as Galilea or Thorn? Fight me…

Joking aside, you PC players must not have any decent Toby mains. @vagrantsun, @Moostacho and myself are target-banned BEFORE Boldur and Kelvin, haha.


against most people the difference is unapparent, provided I have a decent team backing me up. not necessarily a five stack, but maybe two or three friends to share the carry. We can play other characters, especially now after league, and we can be just as scary in most people’s eyes, the games lasting five minutes regardless of if im playing Deande or Toby.

Things change when it’s two competitive teams. It bothers me the least in this situation, as in a sense its a form of respect, especially in the quantity i get target banned. On the other hand, people will target ban me because I’m somewhat known for being “the biggest one trick on ps4”. I have tried to break that notion, picking up Thorn on a competitive level. HOWEVER! I am still in games to this day where both teams are very competitive and in draft mode, and yet the draft strategy is still to reduce my personal ability to contribute to the team. I’m target banned out of Deande, thorn is first pick for enemy team, they take my mellka, and im left with a handful of characters im only slightly effective with.

However, it is by the absolute worst to get target banned by the same five mans that run around every day when you are solo q. One time, long time ago, I went up against Halo’s stacked kill squad by myself 4 times in a row. Each and every time they banned me, or picked my girl before i could. And then ran around taunting me, while I sat enraged and ineffective at anything but dying. I ended up rage quitting for the first time in my life that day.

at least I don’t sound elitist.


As I said, I did that at first before I realized how bad it was.

But I suppose I don’t qualify as “average” anymore since I feel I can ALMOST hold my edge against you and some of the others if the teams are comparable in skill

So for me that one psychological attack at least had a chance at the time to even the playing field

But the 5 mans are Getting more polarized as time goes on. I’ve reached the point I’ll deliberately do derpy things when grouped.


No, I say that Toby is a weak first pick in a draft.

I’ve seen traumatizing Boldurs in matches, who tanked a shield stun, stun mine, blink storm in rapid succession and walked away with half health (Alani with damage reduction and legendaries had a part in that, but no one should survive something like this), who had a competent enough team behind them to expect follow ups on every Boldur Dash and who completely shut down 2 people on our team, because we were only on Boldur duty for the whole match. Kelvin is “stun meta the character” and as far as I know still has some gear exploits connected to him. Thorn’s damage output is just BS and I find her not fun. Ghalt is someone I hate seeing in my games, on both teams - No other character steals so many kills and ruins burst dashes by pulling someone away from you and when you have one on the enemy team there’s usually follow up CC to any hook and you die no matter who you play.

Toby can be countered by a single character with similar skill - No way I’d waste a vote on a target ban. If the Toby outplays his counter, that’s a good game of him, if there wasn’t a counter it’s a bad draft (I’m not a really good captain, but that’s even something I’d know).

I really don’t like draft in this game. It’s a crutch to “fix” balance problems and every sane draft basically always has the usual suspects both in bans and picks. It only distributes the strong characters evenly in two teams, but almost every game is also only the same characters again and again. If a draft would allow me to pick a broken character like Boldur, I had to, no matter if I find any joy in it or not (and I wouldn’t).


Fair enough, though my own experience with draft has been that, unless there is a known skilled Marquis, Whiskey, Thorn or Ghalt main on the other team (who i would never take Toby against), i either force someone on the other team to take one of the aforementioned characters just to keep me in check (thereby wasting their pick), or risk taking their main and hope that i am countered just enough not to run the lane.

Knowing the community is a HUGE part of what made Draft effective. If i know that the other team’s players don’t main any of Toby’s counters well enough to stop me, i will take him without hesitation. Still, you are right, taking him first invites a counter pick almost every time; it always put a smile on my face when i knew that the counter-picker who took Marquis was subpar with him, haha.


Just to give a small example for my problem with draft:

I played a game on Thursday, I wasn’t careful with my triggers that day (not enough sleep, stress at work and some real life worries - that’s screaming for another one of my mood swings I really hate when happen in front of other people). Deande was stolen from me, I’ve played a pretty bad game even with her before (although I was pretty hard countered and when I watched the footage back I didn’t really see what I could’ve done to be of any value in this game). I was forced into Phoebe and I knew at character select that I can’t play her outside of Bots Battle and PvE.

I got frustrated. Really bad. The only thing I saw was this, i.e. a Phoebe who turned a game into a 4v5 although I really tried to play a good game:

I got that nervous and frustrated in my own game in this match that I even hit the surrender button which really isn’t my style. Played another game afterwards and ended as a 1-12 Shayne when Deande was target banned (don’t think because of me, there were two other people on my team who can play her pretty effectively and much better than me, but they also can work with other characters).

I’ve “ragequit” the game after finishing the match as Shayne by telling everyone in our 10 stack that I can’t handle anymore that I’m turning every game this evening into a 4v6. It caused 3 people to send me DMs on steam afterwards, I was stubborn and still blamed everything on myself, no matter what they told me. I’ve felt out of place and just like someone who ruins the fun for everyone by just being in a match without taking one of the spectator spots.

This is what really happened btw.:

I wasn’t the only reason for losing the match, I see that now. But I got so frustrated and whiney about myself on this evening that I don’t even know if anyone in my group on PC wants to play with me anymore (edit: Nope, didn’t make myself a complete fool, I’m still invited to play a few games with them).


Draft is certainly a bitch when you only know a few characters in PVP, and it was the reason i forced myself to learn five characters well enough to at least contribute. It definitely has flaws. Still, Draft is still responsible for the large majority of the most fun, hard fought and intense matches i have ever played, and i would like to see it return.

If this single queue BS continues (and it was the same when Mini-Match was still around), then i unfortunetely won’t be playing Battleborn much longer. It’s either get forced into Incursionborn and stomped by 5-man Incursion-only teams, or stomp randoms that can’t form a cohesive team to save their lives. It’s disgusting, and has caused almost all of my normal Battlebuddies to drop the game. I am a patient man, and i love Toby to bits; but at the end of the day, i play a game to have fun, and the experience that the latest queues have provided is anything but. Draft gave both myself and those below my skill level a chance to even the playing field against better players, and that’s why i loved both it and Solo/Duo. However, with JUST Quick Match, it would appear that balanced matches are less common than getting a magnus skin…


A que joke and a magnus pack joke in one? Can i buy that as a bundle in the marketplace for 10% off after you raise the price by 30% :smirk:?

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Sod off