**Add Icons To Legendary/Most Gear Loadouts**

On some of the effects of legendary gear loadouts they have stack effects of trigger effects when you do something or when something happens… can you add like a small icon or something in the characters window box or beside the health bar or something for like stack effects or trigger effect just so that we know that the item is really working and know just assuming that its working the right way because that way it is a peace of mind that the effect of the item is doing its job and if its not we have a easier way of knowing and we can report it if it needs to be fixed… Long story short, please add icon effects like (Diablo 3) when a item(loadout gear) is working on like stack effects or trigger effects.[poll name=Add-Active-Loadout-Icons type=multiple min=1 max=2 public=true]

  • Yes, Add Icon to show timed/active abilities.
  • No, I don’t want to know if my gear loadouts are working properly without guessing.

I’ve wanted this for more then just gear. Any procing effect should have a status icon. buffs and debuffs.

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As an ex-WoW player I agree seeing the CC timers and CD timers for your skills/effects is so useful and helps you to learn how to manage your damage and CC’s.

I never did look into how WoW mods were made but it would be cool if we have the ability to make an unofficial mods that adds these.

Let me help you out. @JoeKGBX could this be added to your punch list?

This has been brought up on a number of other threads. I think the GBX people said it was something they were working on.

I’d love to see not only cooldown on items, but timers on buffs/debuffs from skills too.