Add legendary drops into PVP or at least make them purchasable with tokens

With the Lootocalypse happening, more people are playing story and we see more anecdotes about how the drop rates are still ridiculously low with legendary gear, and I can also agree to that as I’ve been playing story mode myself.

I said recently in the past that I was done playing story mode and would never play again as they take too long, are boring for the most part, and the idea of HAVING to farm them for legendaries for PVP is just horrible.

With the weekend event though, i figured I would give it a try again, and I am just mentally taxed.

Story mode is just not fun anymore. Once you’ve played through the series once, the replay value and the enjoyment drops off significantly. I don’t know how sane people can constantly grind out story mode. I can think of so many other things better to do with a half hour of my time (Like PVP)

Please for sanity’s sake, add in legendary drops to PVP in some manner. Please let what i am about to type burn in your brain: STOP TORTURING US BY MAKING US GRIND STORY MODE FOR ITEMS USED IN A COMPLETELY SEPARATE MODE.

I don’t want to play story mode. I want gear though to use in PVP.

I’m not sure why you folks think it’s a good idea to force people into being miserable and playing a mode they detest to get PVP gear. For Pete’s sake, folks, just stop.

[quote=“Battleporn, post:1, topic:1541073, full:true”]I’m not sure why you folks think it’s a good idea to force people into being miserable and playing a mode they detest to get PVP gear. For Pete’s sake, folks, just stop.

Uhhh… wut? Legendaries aren’t really PvP gear. PvP gear tends to be whites, greens, and blues because they are cheap. PvP is pretty strapped for shards so it makes sense to not have really expensive items in your loadout. From what I’ve seen, legendaries are primarily PvE gear.

I run one legendary gear in my loadouts and that’s either a character legendary or boots of the brute

Your opinion. Anyone who feels some of them aren’t that valuable for PVP is wrong though.

One Legendary for Meltdown and Incursion is doable…two really a stretch…at least for me as I’m spending more time on shards than the team’s mission. Again, that’s the way it feels to me.

A legendary for Capture seems pointless…at least to me.

But I totally suck at Capture so I could be off base.

Half the time I don’t even get my greens on capture…

[quote=“Battleporn, post:4, topic:1541073, full:true”]Your opinion. Anyone who feels some of them aren’t that valuable for PVP is wrong though.

A very small number of them, and most of those are from packs or lore.

The only universally super effective legendaries that are tied to story mode that are worth farming for for PvP are Boots of the Brute, Vow of Vengeance, Vow of Zealous Fury and maybe Vyn’s Quiver. The others are either Lore Legendaries, random drops or better replaced by Epics/Uncommons. And even these aren’t necessary to be effective in PvP.

Some might say Stolen Edge of Arcynorr, but VoZF is more flexible and the former tends to be a placeholder until the latter has been obtained.

All the others are just collectibles or personal preferences, and as such fall outside of the blanket statement that ‘you need to “suffer” to get them’.

Simply put: you want a lot of legendaries, you have to do story. I don’t see the problem with that, as I they are not necessary to be effective in PvP

I run two legendaries and one white (shards gain per sec) for incursion and meltdown. No problem so far able to activate them around 10-13 mins mark. Fastest ever was around 8 mins.

For capture, legendaries are really useless, sometimes you dont even get to activate one piece of your gear.

This exactly. Sacrificing a slot to a shard generator lets you put legendaries in your other slots. Two legendaries plus a free shard generator is slightly more stat than three epics if you pick the right ones for your character, and you can get them active faster because 4 minutes in your shard generator has made up the difference in cost, and still earning more shards.

That said, the drop rate has been anything but low these days, especially during the event. The big thing I see that you can control that affects drop rate … is team score. Many teams are spreading out and spawning lots of extra enemies before the first set of enemies goes down (especially during the event when people are coming fom PvP directly to advanced missions they don’t know well.) I don’t exactly have numbers for proof, but high score runs correlate very strongly in my experience with legendary drops.

I got my first Oath of the Sustained and my first Mag Daemon over the past two days. I’ve completed the Renegade 67 times (though I don’t know how many of those are normal runs,) and Saboteur 18 times (pretty sure no more than 2 are normal runs.) The runs where I got each of those items are my current top score runs for those missions.

It may be a bit of confirmation bias on my part, but it’s always seemed to me that higher score is tied with better drops … and high score runs, at least during this event, get me a legendary from nearly all bosses, sometimes two from Henchman (Henchmen?)

I think the issue you’re having is that you’re playing story mode ALONE. It’s best played in a group for maximum Fun, and it serves best for finishing up lore challenges.

Honestly though, most legendaries you can get (with few exceptions) aren’t that much better than epics or even good rares in most cases. Unless a legendary is ESSENTIAL for your build, don’t bother looking for them if you don’t like story.

There are legendaries you can get in PvP. You get credits that you buy loot packs with. There are many incredible legendaries that are in loot packs you rarely see because so few people farm loot packs. They horde (like me).

And op do consider that this is very much your opinion. I highly enjoy PvE, more so than PvP. I normally run withouta group and play with randoms. It’s consistently challenging, where every mistake is your own team’s. There’s no steamrolling by a group of 5 premades who are pubstomping. It’s a more reliable experience where I still play my favorite Battleborn

[quote=“BenHoliday, post:10, topic:1541073, full:true”]The big thing I see that you can control that affects drop rate … is team score.

The devs have outright stated that score has nothing to do with the loot you get.

I have a list of 25 or 30 that says you are wrong. There are a large number of PVE legendaries that are extremely useful for pvp (Mind you I still suggest only using one or two at most in pvp at a time). But there are many legendaries that are worth their cost for pvp, that drop only in story mode.

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[quote=“jokerking9211, post:14, topic:1541073, full:true”]I have a list of 25 or 30 that says you are wrong.

Care to provide some of those so that we can actually discuss the items in specific instead of just going off of generalities (I haven’t listed the ones I suggest aren’t useful because it would be a ridiculously long list)?

At work and my list is at home, I can start making a new one for you.

Here I spent about 5 minutes and I am pretty sure most or all of these can only be acquired in PVP.
Symbiotic Gauntlet
Vow of vengeance
Stolen Edge of Arcvynorr
Vow of zealous fury
Sentinel Reset Switch
Hate reflector
Chrono Key
Firmware update
Hostile Takeover
Heliophagic Goggles
Plasmite transducer
Blissbeast Skull plate
Alamo-7 Armor

Symbiotic spores

Leechsteel Brooch
Song of vigor
Oath of the sustained
Vigilance link
The modernista
Boots of the brute
Mini singularity Launcher
Stable executioner

and every single one is useful for at least one character for some build or another. And this is not my complete list that I have at home, I just got 25 that I knew were useful and are all pretty obvious why they are. Some of the ones I have listed on my personal list is because I have build that need them and they are still the only legendary in the build. And after looking over the ones you can get in packs, they suck compared to most or all of these.

Edit: I was wrong about
Burning sunset
Arcship Bouy

I played only very very few PVP matches yet, mostly I play PVE and I have 7 legendaries from your list from boss drops and lootpacks…
You can get some of these legendaries you listed by buying lootpacks with credits earned in PVP, but you can farm most of them in PVE as well, same for credits to buy packs.
Both is possible, but I think PVE is better choice if you aim for legendaries, since you have the chance for a bossdrop and you farm credits along to buy lootpacks.

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No you can’t get these from loot packs,
This site lists how you get the gear and most or all of the ones I listed can only be gained from story.

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And here’s the rest of the list of legendaries that can only be obtained from PVE but are very useful for pvp:
Vyn’s quiver

Mag Daemon
Intermittent Angel

Shield Web Interdictor (which is interesting because only player shields recharge in the game, and not AI shileds)
Lorrian Skill Spike
Bola’s Target Finder

I was wrong about:
Generous Refund Policy
The de-turtler

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