Add legendary drops into PVP or at least make them purchasable with tokens

Ahhh, okay, that explains my confusion - Your prior posts said “PvP” and I was a bit spongled. But yeah, you´re right, the ones you listed are obtainable through PvE story missions.

To be fair, these items actually drop from loot packs. All the others you named are story drops.
I for one (more of a PvE player myself) don’t see much of an issue with having to farm story if you really want a certain item.
After all, most legendaries aren’t really that cost-effective in PvP. Some are amazing, yes, but none are required. :wink:

None are required but are very useful in PVP, the dude point still stands though. PVE players don’t want to play PVP for lore. And PVP players don’t want to play PVE to have the gear they want. I think neither group of players should be forced to play either mode to get/complete what they want. Saying too bad is not a good excuse.

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And it is an issue because it forces the players to “waste” their time doing something they do not find enjoyable. And if they want that lore challenge or gear Item, they are trying to make their game more enjoyable. But making them do something they don’t like to be able to do something they do like is wrong.

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And I was making the list to prove that most of the useful legendaries are obtained from the story and not loot packs as @Kitru had stated, but I feel like my list proves him wrong. If he can list a larger number of legendaries that are as useful as these I will concede to his point. I find the exact opposite, most of the legendaries from packs are useless while most of the ones that are useful can only be obtained from the story.

I am going to point this out even though it should be patently obvious.

PvP lores and PvE legendaries are not equivalent. PvE legendaries are of questionable value and can generally be replaced, with no real detriment, by gear easily acquired through loot packs. Don’t want to run Experiment to get a Symbiotic Spores? You can get a purple med kit that gives you a secondary stat other than hp/sec (which is basically worthless), like move speed, attack speed, or the like, at half the price; basically, you’re trading out 7% healing received for a different stat for half the price; yes, it’ll be slightly worse at healing, but it’s way cheaper and gives you something else useful in the bargain.

There are options other than PvE to get useful gear for PvP (in fact, most competitive PvPers swear by white/green/blues in their loadouts and insist that people spend those few shards they can spare on buildables and minions). There are no options for PvE where those lores are concerned. It’s not as if boss kills count for the PvP lore challenges.

Gonna do a blow-by-blow of that list next.

Most of these legendaries have Abilites that you can’t get on any other piece of equipment. The ones that Have stats, usually are unique pieces of equipment that that stat doens’t normally appear on, so if you want to max a certain stack you will need that specific piece. I have done my research for max min builds and know what pieces of equipment I need. Don’t insult me please that is unwarrented, I have done research that I don’t feel compelled to share with you and I promise every piece of gear listed is needed for powerful pvp builds. And these builds only use one legendary and often include free gear to make up for the cost. I have a neaer 70% win percentage in PUG matches playing solo, so I know how to spend shards in PVP.

That triple post makes you look angry :smile:

Seriously, just to clarify: my point was that nobody is forcing you into playing PvE, since you can get Gear from Loot Packs (including Legendary Gear).

Out of the 34 Legendary Items that can drop from Loot Packs, I’d consider these to be usable:

  • Talon of the Hawk (Benedict only, obviously)
  • Solar Sustainer
  • Pain-2-Gain Re-Knitter
  • Voxis Core (rework pending, though)
  • Generous Refund Policy
  • Burning Sunset
  • Orbital Tracking Spike

I may represent a minority here, but I think without the PvP Lore challenges, I wouldn’t have discovered how much I like Incursion as a game mode.
Like I said, I’m more of a PvE player. I usually don’t like the ‘competitive’ gamers and their attitudes, but so far BB has had a surprising amount of friendly people playing it.

And I still fail to see the problem for PvP players. Isn’t this just about micro-goals? I mean, you can ‘just play the game’, or you start to set yourself some challenges (Titles or other things accomplish).
Conceptually, I see no difference between ‘If I get to play another 3 matches, I’ll be x Kills closer to Angel of Death title’ and ‘If I do 3 more Saboteur runs, i might finally get those Boots’.

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Yea I work at a call center, so I posted part of my thought took a call, posted another, took another call, posted the rest. Sorry about that, not angry just busy and trying to post my thoughts while working.

After a while of playing the same characters in the same pvp modes, you start thinking how can I change how I play this character. The only realy thing you can do after playing all the characters is change the gear. Some gear I listed allows you to play certain characters way different than what you would normally play them as. So for the PVP only players if they want to play certain characters differently to “spice things up” they will need to play a mode that they don’t prefer so that they can play how they want to. Instead I think All gear should be able to be obtained from loot packs, while still giving players the option to farm specific gear from bosses. Really would this hurt either base of players? No I don’t think so, it actually might make PVE players happy because they won’t have to play with people who are trying to rush a mission.

It wouldn’t hurt me if they widened the loot pool of the Legendary Loot Pack (perhaps there will be ways to get additional ones in the future) and Epic Packs to include Story Drops.

Not so sure on the faction packs, I think they should remain as they are.

It would still be unlikely to get, say Boots of the Brute, from an epic pack but it would be possible to get them without having played The Saboteur once.

“Useful” is not the same as “optimal”. With the exception of the 3 slowing legendaries, the “obviously usefulness” of the item is derived pretty much entirely from it having a stat that actually makes you effective. All gear is “useful” by that definition. With the exception of a very small number of legendaries (3 are, without question, nearly required; 8-9 others are excellent but still questionable due to their prohibitive cost; all of that out of 50 total).

I honestly believe that the primary reason you are so interested in putting legendaries in your loadouts is specifically because they’re legendaries; not because they’re especially useful or are more likely to give you a significant advantage in PvP, much like people in the BL2 game often preferred using mediocre legendaries or pearlescents instead of infinitely more effective (and available) quest blues. The appeal isn’t in the usefulness of the item, which you might actually believe, but in the color.

I could break it down further, but there’s a reason that in the competitive PvP teams you’ll almost never see a legendary in a loadout: they draw funds away from buildables (which give xp and can give you a level advantage early on) and can only be accessed late game (before which your opponents could very easily have put you on the ropes).

Legendaries are primarily PvE items because shards are almost absurdly numerous (even with a triple legendary loadout, I’ll end pretty much every PvE mission with several thousand shards and nothing to spend them on) buildables are an almost insignificant cost in there (because there are significantly fewer useful nodes and they almost never need to get rebuilt) that provides no real advantage to constructing beyond the damage provided (which is often not necessary anyways; the only time you absolutely need the turrets are in the 3 node defense missions because the nodes are ridiculously easy to destroy and you’re attacked from numerous fronts at a time).

Reyna, Alani, ambra (with the update). Shoot with Reyna and this piece of equipment I have been able to do back-to-back ultimates.

The default shiled recharge is 3 seconds, so it does increase it by more than double and ranged characters can really use the increased shield regen delay to keep people fro returning to the fight sooner, Not a trap keeping people from coming back sooner can be just as effective as killing them.

Alamo 7 armor is great for the builds that use 0 cost shard generators, you get it early and can use it to save your ass up to 12 times (6 minutes is a long time for you to collect shards to buy this thing)

Leechsteel Brooch is still very useful for Raths as an alternate to his specific legendary and it actually increases his health stealing alot

Song of vigor is so strong for mikos, here have healing then recieve more healing for being around me which you need to be around me to heal anyway. and again lets you max out the healing given by healers

And the list you said of the usable ones is still longer than the usable ones you can get form loot packs. You are still wrong that the majority of the good legendaries come from lootpacks. Admit it I had achieved my goal of proving this point wrong. Going through and nitpicking may have crossed a few of them off the list but your statement from earlier is wrong, that is really the only reason I posted in this topic is to prove that statement That I originally quoted was wrong and I feel accomplished here. I set out to achieve a goal and I feel like I achieved it.

[quote=“jokerking9211, post:34, topic:1541073, full:true”]You are still wrong that the majority of the good legendaries come from lootpacks.

I said loot packs or lore. There are 34 loot pack legendaries, 50 PvE legendaries, and 26 lore legendaries. By far the most useful legendaries come from the lore category, especially since the stats tend to be tied to exactly what that character does and the conditional benefits are powerful and often constant (and those that aren’t constant are incredibly powerful, like Galilea’s 50% lifesteal on stunned targets).

The only thing you seem to have achieved is demonstrating an ignorance of what opportunity cost is. In PvP, legendaries have an almost absurd opportunity cost because there’s a lot more to spend those shards on, much more you could be doing instead of leaving the fight to gather shards, and a lot more you can to get accomplished early on while you’re saving up those shards.

Most of the Lore legendaries are terribad, Can you list a couple examples of ones you think are good so I can go through your list and do the same thing you did to mine?

And in past posts I have proven that I feel the same away about shard economy and when to buy buildables. But there are as you and many others have stated legendaries that are worth having in your gear loadouts. And generally saying that no one ever should buy legendaries in pvp is just wrong, they are in the game and have powerful effects, no load out should be made entirely of legendaries unless it is PVE and no where have I stated that you should buy gear instead of buildables. You are creating a context for my statements to make youself feel surperior, fr example this quote. Had any of my previous statements made any sort of arguement to support this? No I haven’t. [quote=“Kitru, post:35, topic:1541073”]
The only thing you seem to have achieved is demonstrating an ignorance of what opportunity cost is. In PvP, legendaries have an almost absurd opportunity cost because there’s a lot more to spend those shards on, much more you could be doing instead of leaving the fight to gather shards, and a lot more you can to get accomplished early on while you’re saving up those shards.

This entire quote is an unfounded insult and is against forum policy.

Here are two different posts where I discuss the importance of buying buildables over gear:

Now is it nap time or are you done with school?

Ok guys, let’s cool off and get back on topic, please. :slight_smile:

I also like how in this conversation I have not made one personal attack on you, but you have twice insulted me. I may have been strong in my attempt on getting you to change your view by attempting to give youself a chance to save face and admit you were wrong, but none of my posts have insulted you. Please read the forum rules and stop the personal attacks against me. They do not add any weight to your arguements.