Add legendary drops into PVP or at least make them purchasable with tokens

Remove non-character-specific legendaries from pvp. Problem solved and no more need for balance changes (other than items that were pvp specific).

Personally I think this would be the best. But it should have been that way since the start, otherwise it’ll anger players who really like having some of the other legendaries in their pvp loadouts.

This solution would make players leave. And gear isn’t the sole reason there is imbalance in the game. Not really problem solved, this would create other problems.

I don’t actually want that, just trying to put things into perspective.

My suggestion on effectiveness of gear is to actually raise all the percentages on gear, and make the respawn time shorter to compensate for more powerful gear making it harder to stay alive longer. I would much rather running a build that I feel really makes my character powerful beyond normalcy, and I would much rather spend more time playing and less time in respawn. I don’t care about the possibility of dying more often if people are now running more powerful gear in this hypothetical situation.

These minute percentage points of things possibly happening on some legendaries and such are just poop. I think something optimal would be to have a loadout where if focusing on a particular stat, you could get around a 40% bonus to it when all gear is charged. Silly crap like the Alamo 7 effect, 4 health regen per sec while shield recharges on the Nano Colony, Mag Daemon’s 7% chance to deal crit damage… these numbers are so low they are laughable and useless.

Most gear if you buy gear with similar overlapping stats can net you 25% plus increase in stats now. As I mentioned earlier here “The ones that Have stats, usually are unique pieces of equipment that that stat doens’t normally appear on, so if you want to max a certain stack you will need that specific piece.” The effect itself may be negligble but some of these pieces of equipment have stats percentages that are not available on lower rarity equipment. Not all gear can have the same overlapping stat that some of these legendaries have. So if you want to Max out a characters attack speed (Have three pieces of gear with attack speed stat) you can only do this with certain legendaries because that secondary and primary stat combo may not show up on any other piece of equipment. In addition to the unique stats available on that gear it comes with an added bonus, so they would still be useful to people who want to max their stats.

Also a 7% chance for Monatana to crit? That actually seems useful, and this isn’t the only legendary with that stat. There are three of them that give the chance to crit on hit, which potentially means that all three can give a 21% chance to crit. But I would Just use two If I planned on doing it and have a free or low cost third piece of gear. Nano Colony is bad, I hadn’t listed that one as a usable legendary that stat is too specific, also you can only get that one through lootpacks.

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Competitive players from my experience won’t leave because people are not playing by their “competitive Rules” when they are not playing competitive. If they do leave I would assume it would have something to do with the competitive scene in general, most people that enter the competitive scene are there because they have strong preference to play the game and want to show how good they are. If they leave because they are playing in a non-competitive environment without competitive rules, I have no idea what to do about these very specific people. I don’t think changing the gear outside of the competitive scene will affect the competitive players at all.

Not a fan of capture. If capture started you off with all your gear pics pre charged, then maybe. I personally love the concept of gear as a way to make your character above the norm. There’s typically only one REAL way to helix your character (Another topic in itself about rebalancing that), so I love the tingle I get when i know I can charge a gear piece that will increase my battlefield effectiveness above and beyond. I assume the devs understand this but IMO they don’t push the gear concept enough. I mean if they are implying that gear is special by making them rare and requiring hours of story mode grinding, then they should really be special.