Add me borderlands 2 PS3 deeznuttz007

Please help me find some legendarys weapons and level up

If I were you, I would “advertise” at the trading section for ps3.

Moved to the online play section.

Scm110478 on PSN. I need to create reliable friends to farm raid bosses with… I have a level 55, and 30 Commando…
I also have a full bank vault of purple and orange items I don’t use, but saved in case someone wanted to trade.
Personally I’m looking for a Shredifier …
I have most of the BL2 DLC missions as well, I just got a legendary Chain-Lightening grenade that replenishes my grenade supply like magic… “So you know, that’s cool”-HJ lol

Go ahead and add me PSN soccerfella101. All my characters are op8 and love farming alot.

add beachkilla69 on all the time love to farm… need better gear anyway…

i dont have a mic, but am willing to play.
OP3 Maya and Sal
OP1 Axton
50s Gaige
30s Zero
Easiest place for me to level people would be the snowman I think…
Any ideas!

Add me i help you level up